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In today’s fast-paced business world, employees are constantly pushing the envelope in order to move ahead, get noticed, and receive promotions. Every goal achieved is another step forward towards a new level of career-wide success. Company owners and HR managers need to be aware of this to retain existing talent and to attract bright new team members into the roster. One way to accomplish this feat is by implementing an Employee of the Month program that recognizes and celebrates exceptional contributions and achievements from your best employees on an ongoing basis.

Recognizing your best employees with a prestigious keepsake for their accomplishments is a fantastic way to make them happy, while simultaneously creating an atmosphere of positivity and appreciation in the workplace. This can lead to the following positive effects for your office:

→ Boosted morale and motivation to excel
→ Reinforcing of desired behaviors and company values
A healthy and positive spirit of friendly competition
Increased employee engagement & a stronger relationship with owners & management
Strengthening the team dynamic while attracting top new talent
Creating a sense of company culture based on positive values
Incentivizing hard work and longevity in one company 

Here are some great corporate award and trophy ideas to consider for your Employee of the Month program. If you don’t have one in place, now’s the time!

Employee of the month ideas and awards

5. Eclipse Trophies

Desktops and mantle pieces alike will look much better with an Employee of the Month award in the shape and color of our beautiful Eclipse trophies. In contrast to traditional awards of this type, the Eclipse awards boast a unique style with an asymmetrical double-layered crystal design to bring out the luster of the recipient’s name and milestone information.

These are simple, yet sleek and modern awards that can serve as the perfect Employee of the Month gift. Decorative methods include traditional surface etching with optional color fill, and our 2D and 3D internal laser engraving. Be creative!

4. Cut Corner Cubes

Employee of the Month awards don’t have to be extravagant. You’ll still want to set the right precedent early on, and choosing a modest award can have a positive impact on your culture.

Crystal cubes serve a multitude of functions for practically every industry event, but in order to add a bit more pizazz to an Employee of the Month award, consider going with our Cut Corner Cubes, which feature a precision-cut corner that allows the piece to sit angled on any flat surface. It’s a simple, yet effective visual that draws attention to the cube, and your employee’s name and pertinent information. These look great on desks, and they’re just as suitable for the home office, or any area your proud employee may wish to place them in order to showcase their success and achievement to their colleagues or family.

3. Stylized Flames

For awards with a slightly more dynamic look, we recommend opting for our Stylized Flames, which feature precision-cut bevels and angles that frame the artwork and messaging that is engraved within the middle of the flame. There’s a lot of versatility with the Stylized Flame piece, allowing for more artwork and information if required.

For maximum effect, we recommend decorating both sides of the award to create a distinctive parallax effect that grabs the viewer’s eye. Conversely, you may wish to decorate the Flame itself with your company logo and artwork, and including an optional crystal base to the award, which can be decorated with your employee’s name and other information. This is a great way to promote and bring attention to your company, while honoring your employees at the same time.

2. Crystal Clocks

Clocks are a time-honored award option when it comes to employee recognition, and we’re continuing the tradition with a series of contemporary and luxurious Crystal Clock designs that can also double handily as Employee of the Month awards. Crystal clocks aren’t just a symbol of recognition, but also a functional piece that can add prestige to your employee’s desk or home.

crystal clocks for employee of the month


The messaging can be straightforward and appreciative, while the clock serves as a means to remind your employee of their achievement, every single day. It’s reason enough for your employees to be proud of being recognized as Employee of the Month, and the utilitarian nature of the clock will ensure it is around for many years. Take your pick from our Crystal Clock selection, and wow your employees.

1. Art Glass

Looking for something that will truly stand out? Our Art Glass awards ratchet up the style factor to create some of the most breathtakingly beautiful awards ever to find their way onto a company desk, or a home display case. Art may be subjective, but these awards hold universal appeal, thanks to their striking shapes and rich, saturated colors. Adorn the base of the award with your Employee of the Month recipient’s name and information, and they’ll have a memory that will last a lifetime. There’s only one slight drawback to our Art Glass awards – deciding which one you like the most! Don’t worry too much, however. Your employees are bound to be amazed during the big unveiling, and they’ll definitely feel your appreciation for their job well done.


Whether you choose a smaller, larger or luxurious award, there’s an option available for your company’s Employee of the Month program. These are just a few examples we recommend, but we invite you to browse our online catalog of amazing crystal awards and trophies, many of which are perfectly suited for your next hardworking Employee of the Month.

At Crystal Sensations, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, craftsmanship and impeccable quality, and we have recognition awards and trophies to suit any occasion. Contact us when you’re ready to make a huge splash at your next corporate or internal company recognition event!