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Vibrant Imagery

MicroResolution Printing is a unique process that directly applies ink to 3D objects. This allows for an unprecedented level of quality, such as more advanced color gradients, shading and detail, then conventional decorating methods like Surface Etching and Color Fill. It is the perfect method for reproducing highly complex images, logos and text. Full image printing looks best on the rear of the glass.


Utilize our MicroResolution™ process for full color images, images with overlapping color and images with gradient color. Surface etching is not required for MicroResolution™ color.

Some interesting applications for this process include incorporating graphic color artwork onto the crystal as a compliment to a subsurface laser engraved design.


Using only MicroResolution™ in your project design is a cost effective way to create a dramatic impact for the recipient.

Compared to hand painted surface etching, MicroResolution is a cost effective method which should be considered, particularly if the design or source files have gradient color or multiple overlapping colors.

Other Decoration Methods