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Privacy Policy

Crystal Sensations views the importance of Intellectual Property as an asset to be protected to the full extent of the law. In order to protect your information, Crystal Sensations implements tightly controlled provisions to ensure that your personal and professional data remains safe while being stored within our systems and at our locations. We take all concerns regarding privacy seriously and therefore, welcome any comments or concerns about current or future practices by our clients. We are the premier source of 3D Laser Engraved Crystal and we pride ourselves on our integrity and professionalism.

General Data Collection

Crystal Sensations reserves the right to collect and store contact information such as personal and company names and titles, address, billing information, financial information, your industry affiliations (ASI/SAGE/PPC/UPIC), e-mail and telephone numbers. We also collect information regarding visitors to our website, such as your internet provider address, the web browser you are using, as well as any clicks and activity during navigation of our website We collect credit card and financial information over the phone, e-mail and fax, never through our website, and numbers are not stored for long term reference. Winners Lists We collect information like winners lists and award recipients for various products. We understand that the security of this information is of the utmost importance. We are committed to no disclosure to any outside sources and keep this information on a strictly “need to know” basis to create the products. Proprietary Information We reproduce proprietary and confidential materials from what you may provide and we take great care to ensure that your files are not be duplicated or used for purposes other than explicitly stated. We retain the 3D models and engraving files for your future use. Though you reserve the right of usage to these files, Crystal Sensations reserves all proprietary rights to 3D models and engraving files created. We do not share them with others. Logos and Trademarks Crystal Sensations reserves the right to photograph and reproduce crystals engraved and assembled on our premises for marketing and promotional materials. This right does not extend to crystals containing confidential and proprietary information. Logos and trademarks are stored locally for future reference. Logo use does not imply endorsement.

We use your information at Crystal Sensations carefully and with purpose. We monitor and compile reports on website activity to ensure that usability and navigation is optimized for an above average user experience. We contact you using your e-mail with special offers and company updates. We also use this information to verify your identity when you are calling in to ensure that only authorized users access your account. We reserve the right to send you direct mail and contact you by phone, however we do not share your information with any other entity. We use credit card and financial information for billing after an order confirmation has been signed and delivered to us, or to determine payment terms. We store information only on main servers and do not transfer information onto laptops and other mobile devices. All information is contained in a location with security provisions in place.

To change information or opt out of promotional lists, give us a call at 1-855-946-4832 and speak to a Customer Service Representative. You will need to provide us with the current contact information to first verify your identity, and ensure that no unauthorized access occurs. Changing your contact information and preferences may take up to 5 business days. If you’d like to remove yourself entirely from our database, please give us as a call or e-mail and any reasons why you’d like to be removed, if any.

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