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Artwork Requirement

Our standard project completion timeframe is 7 to 10 business days from artwork approval. Project design and artwork proofs can take as little as 2 hours to as long as 12 weeks, dependent upon complexity of design requirements. Please factor actual artwork approval timeframe into project completion timeline.

2D Image files

300 dpi or higher required. .jpeg/.jpg or native Photoshop files (.psd), with minimal compression artifacts. Other acceptable file formats are: .bmp, .cdr, .eps, .gif, .iff, .pcd, .pdf, .pic, .png, .ppt, .tiff (.tif).

If you would like to use a photograph as a source image, please ensure that your photograph is exactly as you would like it to appear. We also have scanning capabilities available onsite for physical photographs.

2D Logo files

Adobe Illustrator .eps vector based files. Please note that they must be vector format, though they may be saved as .pdf or .ai. A vector file is an image made up of lines comprised of a mathematical formula instead of pixels (raster image), and can be resized without losing image fidelity. Raster images with the extension .eps are not acceptable.

3D Files

We can work with most types of 3D files. If we are aware of the software used to create a 3D file, we can advise on the optimal export file to be provided for our subsurface engraving requirements.


Personalization files can be supplied in an excel spreadsheet (.xls) with font family, or use of a font from our library. We can also accept any text file, such as: word, rtf, txt.

If a specific font is required, the font family should be supplied with reference to font sizes to be used. Alternatively, a font from our font library may be used for a project. You may also choose to provide InDesign (.indd) or Illustrator (.ai) files containing character style sheets for our reference.


Once you’ve spoken with one of our sales representatives about your project, we will provide our FTP information to upload larger files (greater than 20MB) to our server. Smaller files (20MB or lower) can be emailed to your sales representative.

About Design Charges

We have highly skilled artists working towards the design of every project. Design charges are shown as a line item on all quotes following discussions between Sales and Design Departments. Design charges will be quoted prior to commencing any project and are based upon receipt of source files and full conceptual understanding of the project. Projects can commence with “Design only” criteria, or “Design with Pre-Pro Sample”. This gives assurance prior to commitment to entire project.