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Cutting-Edge Technology

The secret to our incredible Subsurface Laser Engraved awards lies in our knowledge of the technology, and our ability to harness it properly. Through much research, development, trial and error, we have built a system which allows us to transform the most radical and amazing designs into 3-dimensional works of art, suspended inside the heart of solid crystal.


Crystal Sensations can engrave up to 6” deep within the crystal.  Some of our larger sizes are 18” x 10”, with a depth of 4”.  Large pieces can get too heavy to lift, as some can weigh over 75 pounds.

Differences exist because not all laser systems are of equal sophistication/quality.  Our technology is expensive and is made in Europe.  Furthermore, our staff has been using this advanced technology for over 20 years and knows it from the inside out.  By adjusting the settings in just the right balance, we have learned and perfected how to use it extremely well to get amazing engraving detail in our images.

The engraving at Crystal Sensations can be extremely detailed. The size of our engraving “dots” are very small.  This comes back to the quality of the technology; the better the laser system, the thinner the beam of light, the better the lens it passes through, the smaller the engraving dot, the closer together the dots can be positioned for greater detail, much like an OLED screen compared to a regular screen.

Think back to how we used to take a magnifying glass as kids and burn newspapers (those paper things that used to come to our homes in the old days).  The sun’s energy is focused by the lens and the hot spot burns the paper.  Our laser system is similar, the lens focuses the laser beam to a hot point.  Because glass is translucent, the focal point of the beam can be focused inside the glass at any depth.  When the laser is turned on, even for a small tiny fraction of a second, the point is hot enough to mark the glass inside.  With hundreds of thousands or millions of energy bursts, we create an image inside by causing tiny pixels to form inside the crystal, thus creating the images you see.

Yes, there are often very vast differences in engraving quality from one supplier to another.  Suppliers with poor quality often show computer simulated images on their websites instead of authentic photos of their work.  Crystal Sensations only displays actual photos of our engraving on our website.

2D engraving uses artwork with X and Y components while the depth is quite thin.  So from the side, the engraving is flat and thin.  

3D engraving uses X, Y and Z components so the artwork is completely three dimensional.  Regardless of 2D or 3D, any engraving inside the crystal material is know as subsurface laser engraving.

Yes, Crystal Sensations can create a 3D file from photos and artwork.  Can take 2D and transform it into 3D.  To see a perfect example of this, click here.

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