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Crystal Sensations was established in 1998 with a vision to produce the most stunning, eclectic and contemporary corporate gifts and awards in the promotional products industry. Soon, the company expanded its horizons with the purchase of a radically advanced form of Subsurface Laser Engraving, allowing 3-dimensional designs to be etched directly into the material of a crystal award. 


It would take years for competitors to embrace this technology, at which point Crystal Sensations had already perfected its 3D laser engraving formula, much to the delight of esteemed clients around the world. The vision and dedication of President and CEO Miles Bocknek has been the catalyst for Crystal Sensations’ rapid growth and success over the last three decades.


After fully transitioning the company’s model to an in-house production facility in 2002, Crystal Sensations began to fully expand its 3D laser engraving services, going head-to-head with overseas competitors who already had a significant head start with the technology. For the past 20+ years, Crystal Sensations has continued to refine and perfect the quality of its 3D laser engraving services, moving lock-step with newer and more advanced versions of the technology.


All this, while padding its product line with a beautiful assortment of traditional trophies, plaques and awards to suit every event and occasion, while utilizing advanced etching, decorating and colour-filling techniques to create works of art, every time. This attention to meticulous detail and artistry is reflected in the “ZingTeam,” the brainchild of Director of Sales Jerome Bacchus, who is proud to proclaim that his team put the ‘ZING’ in “amazing.”

To that end, Crystal Sensations remains committed to being a pioneer in the promotional products industry, and leading the way forward in new and inventive product and artistic layout designs.


Miles Bocknek

President / CEO

Jerome Bacchus

Director of Sales

Melanie Barth

Operations Manager

Arron Hebbard

Senior Engraving Artist

Chris Forde

Production / Warehouse Operations

Christopher Loates

Senior Designer & Head of Artwork Department

Hardeep Singh

Content Creator

“Handcrafted crystal awards have a magical quality that turns cherished moments into timeless memories”

— Mr. Bocknek



Our vision begins with a dedication to quality when it comes to every single item we produce. Our painstaking attention to detail is matched with a vision to not only exceed industry expectations, but to establish them. Our talented team of designers and artisans take incredible pride in their work, which is reflected in the happiness of our worldwide client base.



The value of choosing Crystal Sensations speaks for itself, especially when it comes to quality. Not only do we offer some of the most competitive pricing in the industry, but we reinforce it with an unsurpassed standard of quality. Your order will arrive looking sensational, every single time, and we go above and beyond the standard to ensure that your recipients feel honored.

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We’ve earned an A+ supplier rating from our SAGE distributors for many consecutive years. Crystal Sensations® is uniquely positioned to deliver consistently amaZing results for our distributors and their clients.