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Custom Awards & Trophies For Every Event

There are times when clients desire to have a totally custom award designed. Our talented and creative artisans can go above and beyond to create exceptional awards and trophies unique to those special occasions.

Customized Crystal Artwork

Crystal Sensations is a premier distributor of high quality trophies and awards for clients all over the globe. Experience the difference in our quality craftsmanship and artistry by placing your order today.

Increase excitement and reward the efforts of the participants in a competition by providing personalized trophies and awards. We pride ourselves on being the source for innovative and jaw-dropping custom trophies, awards and commissioned art. We never compromise on quality and always deliver what we commit to. Our ability to create unique works of art, imagery and highly customized shapes, is an assurance that recipients will receive something which will be truly cherished.

EYE-Catching Designs

We produce crystal clear and eye-catching designs by using the finest polished optical crystal and glass. From corporate awards, sports events, and recognition awards, we have it all for our valued clients. We are ready to add more engagement to your event with our unique range of custom corporate awards.

If you too want a trophy with amazingly engraved detail, call us today to get a quote!

Custom Shapes

Celebrate your employees with Crystal Sensations’ custom crystal award shapes. If you can imagine it, we can create it! After all, a beautifully-designed crystal award can serve as a long-lasting reminder of a recipient’s effort.

Unique Designs

From 2D to 3D and anything in between, Crystal Sensations will take your design and ideas and create something truly remarkable.

Unparalleled Recognition

Recognition is always appreciated, and with custom crystal awards, anything is possible to show your gratitude to employees, guest speakers, award winners, and more!

Yours Forever

Yours Forever

Your custom awards are truly one-of-a-kind, and will never be re-created for another user, ensuring that the achievement, integrity, and prestige will be maintained. We are able to fulfill any size order, including annual award programs that repeat year after year. Shop for premium quality crystal awards and trophies now.