Trans Am 2017 Racing Series

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John Clagett, President of The Trans Am Racing Series, recently formed a very special sponsorship partnership with Pirelli. This new affiliation was extremely important to the Trans Am Racing Series. Mr. Clagett needed a new Victory Lane trophy designed to reflect this new “partnership” for the 2017 racing series. Presented with this challenge, Crystal Sensations took to the task of …

Trans Am Racing Series

michaell Awards & Trophies

Trophy envy! A trophy which inspires road racing competitors to win. The inaugural Trans Am Road Racing Series trophy was designed using art glass. A “slick” design which resembled “motor oil” twisting and turning into the shape of a race track. Each year, we redesign the art glass, continuing with the theme of motor oil and race track movement, but …

JUNO Statuette

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Since 1975, the JUNO Awards have been televised throughout Canada. The awards are presented annually to Canadian musical artists and bands to recognize their artistic and technical achievements in all aspect of music. In 2010, CARAS (Canadian Academy of Recording Artists and Sciences) commissioned Crystal Sensations® to design a new statuette. The new design was unveiled in 2011.

Bombay Sapphire Bartending Competition

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This dual color custom crystal award recognized top talent and creativity amongst international bartenders. It combines the iconic Bombay Sapphire bottle in full 3D with realistic lighting and shading to the bottle. The image is complimented by exceptional engraving and hand painted gold and silver details on the base.

Pig Head Final Crystal Sensations

Museum Case Study

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Manuel, an artist residing in Spain, approached Crystal Sensations to complete an oversized crystal for a museum display that was commissioned to him. Manuel shared a photo he had of an engraved crystal that he received from a local crystal factory. Manuel expressed his disappointment at the results, asking why there are notable “lines” in the engraving of the pig’s …