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Beginner’s Buyer Guide to the Best Crystal Awards

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Personalized crystal awards are the centerpiece of any successful recognition program. These unique works of art come in several types of styles, shapes, and sizes. Quality also varies greatly as well, from basic acrylic to glass to the finest optical crystal awards. Whether your main objective is lower cost, specific branding, or finding amazing designs in nicer finishes, Crystal Sensations…

Customized Plaques

How Are Custom Laser Engraved Plaques Made?

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Are you looking for ways to reward your top performers? One perfect way is with awards they can display at home or in the office. Whether they’re the employee of the month, top salesperson, or have been with the company for decades, a custom award plaque is always welcomed by recipients. Recognition plaques let people know they’re valued, and their…

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How to Design 3D Crystal Awards that Represent Your Culture and Brand

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Custom crystal awards are a beautiful way to represent your culture and brand. These awards are unique, amazing, and can be customized to fit your specific needs. If you are looking for a way to show your appreciation for someone special, then custom crystal awards from Crystal Sensations are a great option. Personalized crystal trophies are sure to make any…

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What is the Process of Creating Personalized Trophies?

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At Crystal Sensations, we take pride in our craftsmanship, our use of high-quality materials, and our high level of personalized service. In fact, behind every customized trophy or plaque are a team of skilled technicians, craftsmen, and planners. We love creating custom trophies for our clients using only the finest optical crystal. When you love what you do, it isn’t…

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Create Personalized Corporate Crystal Awards for Your Remote Employees

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The workplace has changed over the past years, but one thing remains the same – your company’s commitment to excellence. Given the pandemic, many employees are working from home. They work hard every day to go above and beyond to help your business succeed. How do you express your gratitude for their exceptional and consistent effort? With personalized corporate crystal…

A Complete Buyer’s Guide: How Much Does It Cost to Make an Award Plaque for a Corporate Event?

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Rewarding your team members with an elegant award plaque is a great way to motivate and reward productive and successful employees and leadership. The best part of a customized award plaque or award is the ability to customize the design to match your brand or your internal campaign theme. Providing employees with recognition awards and plaques will help build stronger…

What Types of Awards and Plaques Can Motivate Your Employees?

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Rewarding and recognizing productive team members are a great way to convey your gratitude for their effort and dedication. Most importantly, recognizing employee’s contribution and hard work will encourage all employees to aim high. There are many different types of awards that companies can utilize for employee recognition events. Whether it is an Employee Appreciation Day, Safety Recognition Award, Work…

Creative Ways to Use Engraved Custom Corporate Awards for Employee Appreciation Events

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Almost everyone who has worked in a corporate setting has received a generic thank-you gift. However, meaningful and personalized custom corporate awards are the best ways to reap the full benefits of employee recognition. While corporate gifts may show general appreciation, nothing about them makes the recipient feel truly special or as if they are an individual whose unique skills…

Unique Crystal Awards Design Ideas to Represent Your Brands

Unique Crystal Awards Design Ideas to Represent Your Brands

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One of the key factors to an organization’s success, whether public or private, is regularly recognizing their employees’ efforts and hard work. Recognition is one of the leading drivers of employee satisfaction in their job and this can be done by giving them a custom 3D crystal award. To get the most from a recognition initiative, consistency is essential so…

Ideas for Custom Awards for Corporate Events that Your Employees Will Appreciate

Ideas for Custom Awards for Corporate Events that Your Employees Will Appreciate

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Keeping morale high is never an easy task no matter the company. Owners and managers often struggle to find ways to increase motivation levels of their teams, especially when people are working remotely. One of the most effective ways to elevate the spirits of employees is showing appreciation for a job well done with custom corporate awards. 5 Custom Award…