Surface Etching

We Offer Clean, Deeply Etched Logos and Text

Inspirational Ideas for Surface Etching

  • Crystal Sensations offers exceptional surface sand etching. Our sand etch is a great compliment to our 3D subsurface laser engraving

Engraved crystal and glass has existed for centuries.

To engrave crystal, film is created from vector artwork and is used to make the stencil that is applied to the surface. The crystal areas that are not to be engraved are then masked off. After the sand etching is complete, the masking is removed, and the glass is cleaned, inspected and packed.

Quality engraving requires expertise and patience. Experienced etchers often remark that our etching work is detailed, clean and has great depth, which is ideal for color fill. Admiration of our craftsmanship by our peers is always welcome validation.

  • Recognize a team leader
  • Celebrate corporate milestones
  • Create interesting signage