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Corporate employees clapping at successful award for crystal

Your employees work hard, and rewarding them for a job well done can have significant benefits for your company. The modern workplace is staffed with a variety of employees from all walks of life, backgrounds and age demographics, but one thing they all have in common is a desire to be appreciated and recognized for their hard work and successes. Doing so sends the right message about how your company does business, as well as the strength and morale within the overall corporation.

One of the best ways to show appreciation for the hard work of your employees is by giving the gift of a corporate award. These are far from novelty trinkets, but rather, a display of prestige that gives all employees a sense of accomplishment they can look back on as they note the trajectory of their own career path. Here are five great reasons to show appreciation for your employees by giving the gift of beautiful corporate awards.

#1 – They Promote Happiness & Well-Being

Occasionally employees may be experiencing negative feelings, either due to work-related issues, difficulties at home, or both. The hustle and bustle of a busy work day can sometimes obscure their feelings.

Many employers may not realize these feelings exist since the telltale signs often get masked. This negativity can have a detrimental effect on how much work they’re putting in, not to mention quality of work. Employees need to feel like they are contributing something beneficial to the company as a whole. 

Corporate awards accomplish this feeling of contribution by putting the worker’s name in lights, while celebrating key events, landmark achievements, number of years worked, etc. Even lighthearted and funny awards can go a long way towards making employees feel like they are tethered positively to your company’s growth and success, which in turn will boost their morale, level of motivation at the office, and their overall output. As the old adage goes, it’s not always about the pay check. Studies have shown that many employees are more interested in working at a company where they feel valued as an integral member of the team.

#2 – They Speak Volumes About Your Company

When it comes to showcasing your company’s culture and attitude towards its workers, corporate awards send a huge signal that you’re being proactive in the best possible way. All employees may be inspired to strive for the same level of greatness as their most successful peers, which promotes a healthy and spirited internal ecosphere, and reduces employee turnover, while simultaneously attracting new talent to your business.

It also demonstrates a level of prestige and class that can set your company apart from its competitors, and produce a much healthier corporate image. The focus may be on the employee receiving the award, but people will always remember where it came from, and why.

#3 – They Are a Strong Social Media Tool

Today’s plugged-in world of social media provides a uniquely beneficial avenue to engage new viewers, which can extend the reach of your company to new talent, a larger customer base, and broader industry connections. By showcasing your employee appreciation events on social media, you’re sending the same positive message previously mentioned, while tapping into new audiences at the same time. 

For instance, the type of beautiful crystal awards we are so renowned for here at Crystal Sensations have been admired the world over. Each piece symbolizes a level of distinction and luxury that elevates the status of a company in the eyes of the targeted social media followers. In contrast to handout SWAG pieces like branded keychains, pens and other items, our corporate awards are focused entirely on key events and personnel that deserve to be immortalized, which is an entirely different ballgame.

#4 – Brand Recognition and PR

Promotional products as a whole are designed to extend the reach of a company’s brand in order to generate new leads, connections and sales. That effect carries over to corporate employee recognition awards, as well. Many employees may choose to bring them home and situate them in a spot where they will gather interest and friends and family talking, which is additional exposure and P.R. unto itself.

Other employee recognition awards may be placed front and center at retail outlets, hotel lobbies or restaurants in order to showcase the hard work and success of employees. Extending brand recognition doesn’t always equate to how far your company’s reach goes. Sometimes it’s all a matter of perspective, and the right context for a corporate award is always capable of turning shoulder-shrugging indifference into an amazingly positive attitude.

#5 – It’s a Nice Thing to Do

While all the above reasons are excellent motivators to gift your employees with corporate awards, never forget the most important reason of all – it’s just a nice thing to do. Oftentimes it’s easy to overlook the accomplishments and dedication of employees, especially as businesses grow and become more complex. Those business owners who purposely melon-scoop time out of their schedules to pay tribute and honor their best and brightest are the ones who are remembered for a lifetime.

Remember, we all love to feel appreciated from time to time, especially in the workplace. It’s easy for employees to feel like nameless faces in a sea of workers, and this can be exacerbated by other factors such as lack of self esteem, shyness or personal difficulties. Always stop to consider what kind of impact a beautiful corporate award can have on the mindset and morale of an employee, and how it can trickle down throughout the rest of their daily life. Who knows?

You may end up changing that person’s entire perception of themselves, while setting them on the path to greatness. That’s a feeling money can never buy.


Showing appreciation for the hard work of your employees is a fantastic way to boost the morale of the entire company, but it also helps retain talent, and attract new workers who will contribute to its longevity and success. The gift of a beautiful corporate award is one that will be appreciated for many years to come, and it’s a reason for both you and your employees to feel proud.

Crystal Sensations is a leader in the promotional recognition industry, and our gorgeous crystal awards have been used for a multitude of corporate events for decades. Whether it’s a stunning subsurface laser engraved logo hovering 3-dimensionally inside a crystal award, or a stylish and contemporary deep etched award with vibrant color-fill, there’s an award to fit any event. Contact us today for more information.