What Types of Awards and Plaques Can Motivate Your Employees?

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Rewarding and recognizing productive team members are a great way to convey your gratitude for their effort and dedication. Most importantly, recognizing employee’s contribution and hard work will encourage all employees to aim high.

There are many different types of awards that companies can utilize for employee recognition events. Whether it is an Employee Appreciation Day, Safety Recognition Award, Work Anniversary, or Sales Attainment Event, providing your employees with customized, high-quality awards and plaques that they can share with family, friends, and coworkers will make a long lasting impression.

It’s important to personalize their award with their name, their achievement, and your brand look and feel. Crystal Sensations has a wide selection of amazing awards and trophies that are substantial and will properly reward team members that stand out. Additionally, there are some creative decorating methods that can be used to make the award special.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing custom recognition awards and plaques, such as the budget, the event purpose, and the degree of appreciation you want to express. But ultimately, the most crucial thing is to pick the award that evokes positive emotions and amazes the people receiving them.

The objective is to give your team a special award that’s visually striking and will give them a jolt of motivation whenever they glance at it.

We have assembled this helpful guide to help you uncover the best ways to leverage custom awards and corporate gifts. Let’s look at the different types of custom awards and crystal recognition awards you can give your employees for their service or productivity milestones.

Choose Amazing Custom Recognition Awards to Recognize Achievements

When you have staff that has excelled in providing your clients with a great user experience or have led their sales team to success, awards are a great opportunity to celebrate and recognize their efforts. A job well done is best recognized by creating custom awards that explicitly call out the specific ways the employee exceeded expectations.

The first step is to decide the amount and type of content you would like on your crystal award or plaque. We recommend considering which logo to use, adding the correct spelling and name of the award recipient, and detailing the description of their achievement.

Plaques have enough surface space to deliver personalized expressions of gratitude and branding personalization. They can be displayed with an easel on a shelf or desk, or they can be displayed on a wall using wall hangers.

Additionally, Crystal Sensations offer numerous decorating methods to finish your plaque or award, including deep etched glass, laser engraved crystal, or high-resolution printing on metal plates. Several methods of decoration may be combined to create a very dynamic and “Zingtastic” recognition piece.

Custom Awards and Trophies That Recognize Leadership

Do you have team members who continually exhibit a commitment to brand quality and customer service that exceeds the status quo?

Leading organizations understand that utilizing corporate recognition awards to reward high performance employees is one of the most effective ways to retain, motivate, and recognize these outstanding members of your organization.

Honoring management and sales leaders with beautifully crafted personalized trophies and crystal awards delivers a strong message to other team members as well. By focusing on leadership and management outcomes with elegant corporate gifts, trophies, and plaques, other employees will strive to do the same. Most importantly, awards and recognition will ensure leadership retention.

Quality Employee Awards in Large Volumes

We understand that corporate budgets are not infinite. Often, organizations will use higher budgets for executive management awards and plaques. While other organizations may select larger quantities of smaller, more affordable items, for other member of their teams. Crystal Sensations offers a wide range of products – with both large, and modest items to ensure all department needs are covered.

The cost for all Crystal Sensations awards, trophies and paperweights includes engraving fees, which enables you to celebrate team dedication and longtime employees alike. Other employee recognition awards like plaques and functional promotional products, will ensure team members stay connected with the business, fortifying loyalty, retention, and company culture.

Deliver a Custom Award That Looks Like a Work of Art

If you are planning an awards recognition ceremony, our quality recognition products will impress all levels of recipients. Whatever your preferred category of recognition awards, browse our website and find the one that will look like a work of art on the recipient’s bookshelf or desk.

Trophies are one example of amazing corporate gifts that can routinely deliver an experience like no other employee recognition piece. Plaques are great for saying something special, but trophies stand tall and add aesthetic grandeur to any space, whether in the office or at home.

From crystal color trophies to spherical glass trophies with laser-etched images, this type of employee recognition award will make a bold statement and leave a lasting impression.

Depending on the size of the trophy, various shipping methods and costs should be considered. If you are seeking an amazing trophy that’s oversized and delicately designed, be sure to call our offices for a complimentary creative consultation. Our team we will ensure your award will be packed well and arrive safely on time.

We ship all over North America and Canada to both business addresses and residential addresses. Dropshipping has been used more and more through the COVID pandemic, as many top performers are working remotely from their residences.

Shop For Amazing Custom Awards and Trophies in Crystal Sensations

The awards, trophies, and plaques made at Crystal Sensations will amaze your staff members. Lower cost competitive products often cut corners in quality. This includes spending additional time on the artwork to make details stand out, or using low resolution color, or color only on the front, and not on the back.

The awards you select will say a thousand things about your company, so ensuring quality workmanship is paramount. Crystal Sensation’s amazing customer service will prevent those awkward award moments with low quality products.

Crystal Sensations is known for great selection, exceptional customer service and great attention to detail. To ensure your product arrives on time, is packaged well, and has great quality. Please call our offices today to get started today.