Unique Crystal Awards Design Ideas to Represent Your Brands

Unique Crystal Awards Design Ideas to Represent Your Brands

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One of the key factors to an organization’s success, whether public or private, is regularly recognizing their employees’ efforts and hard work. Recognition is one of the leading drivers of employee satisfaction in their job and this can be done by giving them a custom 3D crystal award.

To get the most from a recognition initiative, consistency is essential so that employees know how to earn the praises of management. Presenting unique crystal awards is ideal for establishing a regular recognition program.

For those who are seeking a unique way to award top employees, what are some design ideas for beautifully representing your brand with a crystal award?

Unique Crystal Awards Create Unforgettable Experiences

Unique crystal award plaques are essential to creating a striking and unforgettable experience during corporate awards ceremonies, for both employees and guests. Adding design elements such as logos, products, company colors, and personal messages help craft a crystal award uniquely tailored to the employee you’re recognizing.

When your star employees receive crystal awards that have been thoughtfully designed to appear truly remarkable, their experience is elevated to a special place in their minds forever. By delivering employees an experience they’ll never forget, you help solidify their resolve and desire to go the extra mile for the organization.

5 Unique Design Ideas to Represent Your Brand

Representing your brand in the design of the custom 3D crystal awards you give helps forge a stronger bond between the company and those who receive them.

So when you’re thinking of ways to create an exceptional award for your best people, what are some of the elements you can incorporate to excite them?

Use Your Organization’s Logo

Utilizing your organization’s logo as the main element for your crystal award plaque creates a positive mental impact. Whenever your top performers gaze upon the awards they’ve received and see the logo of the organization, it engraves a happy association between them and their employer.

Walking into an office or sitting at a desk that’s filled with the accolades of hard work builds stronger bonds between the organization and its team members. When logos are included in these accolades, a powerful link is made between company success and the effort required by each team member to get there.

Utilize Elements that Reflect Your Organization

Much like incorporating an organization’s logo into crystal awards, adding meaningful elements that reflect something significant about your organization helps convey a message that resonates strongly with the people who receive them.

Using high-resolution 3D imaging technology, you can create captivating designs that appear to float within a crystal award.

What kind of 3D designs could you add to an award to reflect your organization? Examples range from key products the employees you’re recognizing worked for, a portrait of the recipient, or even a model of a component that the recipient personally designed. 

Incorporate Designs Supportive of Your Brand’s Image

Incorporating items or products that align with your brand’s image is another creative way to design crystal awards and plaques that amaze. Whether your organization is selling shoes, jewelry, or automotive components—you can incorporate your products into the plaques you award in a way that supports your brand’s image.

Beyond 3D imaging, you could opt for full-color printing onto the award for a stunning display of the products your people worked so hard to perfect. Using Microresolution™ technology, you can enjoy the clarity that full CMYK printing provides when adding design features that support your brand image.

Words Matter Too

The wordings and messages you add to the design of a corporate award should also reflect your brand’s image, mission, and vision.

Words can inspire people whenever they read them, so adding an encouraging message that resonates with your brand’s company culture is essential. This is yet another way to make a treasured design of your crystal awards and plaques personalized.

Use Your Brand Color

Color plays a significant role in designing and creating unique crystal awards. The colors used in crystal awards can also be customized to reflect the brand’s image.

While adding high-resolution color images on the surface of these awards delivers a spectacular appearance, going 3D with color takes it up a notch. Using Colorfill technology, crystal awards can feature full-color, three-dimensional models inside for viewers to marvel at.

From products to logos to customized medallions of merit, almost any color design is possible when it comes to quality custom 3D crystal awards.

Get Started on a Unique Crystal Award Design with Us

Whatever it is you plan to commemorate, a customized crystal award is a perfect way to express gratitude. Crystal Sensations’ Zing team provides custom design services for your organization with a broad array of options that will be sure to amaze both the people you’re recognizing as well as your bottom line.

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