Final Pig Head

Museum Case Study

Kinjal Pike Case Studies

Manuel, an artist residing in Spain, approached Crystal Sensations to complete an oversized crystal for a museum display that was commissioned to him.

Manuel shared a photo he had of an engraved crystal that he received from a local crystal factory. Manuel expressed his disappointment at the results, asking why there are notable “lines” in the engraving of the pig’s head (below). He highlighted these lines with a red marker to draw our attention to the problem.

Pig Head Case Study

At the outset of the project, this crystal factory presented Manuel with the image to the right.
Seeing this image and contrasting it to the photo of the engraved pigs head really led to Manuel’s disappointment.

The image on the right is a computer generated render of what the engraving “should” look like. However, it is only “simulation”. It is not an actual photograph of an engraved crystal.

Final Crystal Pig Head

One must always have a clear understanding when viewing the “work” of any engraver. One should never make judgments from looking at simulated images or renders. Always ask for actual photographs of engraving.

Having presented the situation to Crystal Sensations, our classically trained artisans set out to show Manuel how the pig’s head could be broken up into 2 large hemispheres instead of the 4 quadrants. A computer generated mock-up of the pig’s head was presented to Manuel for his review.

3D Pig Head

During the initial consultation, it was explained to Manuel that engraving lines are not present in the engraving of large crystal from Crystal Sensations. Manuel was surprised to hear this and asked, “Why?” It was explained to him in considerable detail why the lines resulted in the pieces he received in Spain, and how Crystal Sensations has overcome numerous technological challenges to eliminate such unsightly engraving lines.

Manuel was shown a photograph of engraved crystal from similarly large, over-sized crystal. In the image below, Manuel could see that the engraving done by Crystal Sensations was completely free of these unsightly lines. Having trust and confidence of its ability to carry out Manuel’s project, Manuel then placed his order.

Museum Case Study

The photograph below shows the results of the engraving. The large crystal pieces done for Manuel at Crystal Sensations contain none of the lines that adversely affected his project in Spain. After Manuel was shown the photo, he was excited to see the actual crystal. He commented upon seeing the photos, “They seem to look truly way better indeed! I am keen to have a look at it when they arrive.” The two large crystals were shipped to Spain, and upon seeing the crystal, Manuel wrote:

“The results are just how I expected them to be, very good quality! Thank you. I hope to make more pieces with you very soon.”Manuel, Spain

This case study highlights the Crystal Sensations’ difference. Through our 15 years of experience, Crystal Sensations has perfected the art and science of this wonderful and exciting laser engraving process. Our mandate is to deliver the highest quality product available anywhere.

Pig Head Case Study