Ideas for Custom Awards for Corporate Events that Your Employees Will Appreciate

Ideas for Custom Awards for Corporate Events that Your Employees Will Appreciate

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Keeping morale high is never an easy task no matter the company. Owners and managers often struggle to find ways to increase motivation levels of their teams, especially when people are working remotely. One of the most effective ways to elevate the spirits of employees is showing appreciation for a job well done with custom corporate awards.

5 Custom Award Ideas to Consider

In a survey done by Bonusly, 33% of the 1,500 respondents said they preferred receiving gifts, and 32% said they preferred words of affirmation. Custom awards and trophies can deliver both of these desires, making them one of the most powerful ways to boost company morale. So what are some ideas for awards your people will appreciate?

Showcase Your Product or Service Within the Award

Bringing the team together to celebrate major accomplishments is easier when you showcase the end result within the award piece. 3D renderings in beautiful custom crystal awards and trophies can serve as daily reminders for recipients that their hard work will be recognized, pushing them past the finish line on your next big endeavor together.

Present a Model or Product Symbol 

Custom corporate awards that utilize technologies like MicroResolution™ printing and subsurface engraving make it possible to present a model or product symbol within the award in stunning full color and 3D detail. These types of awards are great for commemorating the achievements of those who played key roles in the development of products or innovative new designs.

Design Based on a Company or Product Logo


When you’re wanting to rally the troops of the entire organization, awards that display the logo of the company or product division help create a sense of unity and alignment of purpose. These awards and trophies can feature standard laser-etched logos or even full-color logos using MicroResolution™ printing technology for an award that captivates and inspires your people. If you have a corporate event coming up to celebrate a significant achievement for the company as a whole, prominently featuring your logo on the piece is ideal.

Utilize One-of-a-Kind Photos

Vivid imagery adds depth and character to an award piece that employees will be inspired by every time it catches their eye. By using one-of-a-kind photos that resonate deeply with the person you’re recognizing, you can be crystal clear about how deeply you appreciate them. Images can be reproduced in remarkable clarity and resolution on many types of awards, including gift awards like desk clocks that add even more value to the piece.

Customize Designs Based on a Theme

Sometimes you’re trying to lead the company in a whole new direction or shift the focus to a new corporate initiative. In these moments, leveraging designs that center around a key theme can turn awards into thematic symbols that serve to align everyone’s mission across the organization.

Frequently Asked Questions About Maintaining Trophies

One of the main concerns people have about selecting the perfect trophy for their employee awards event is how easy it will be to maintain. No one wants an award that requires considerable work to keep looking its best. So what are some of the key questions to keep in mind about maintaining trophies?

Do you need a special cleaning solution for crystal trophies?

Thankfully, crystal trophies and awards are super simple to keep looking their best. No special cleaning solutions are required for crystal, and you can even use a basic natural cleanser such as white vinegar mixed with warm water. Just remember that it’s best to choose cleaners that are mild and non-abrasive, and never use harsh chemicals or scrubs that can scratch surfaces and leave residue behind.

How often do you need to clean glass or crystal awards?

If you’re not a fan of constantly cleaning ornate crystal trophies, one of the smartest solutions is to keep them in a closed case that protects them from debris floating in the air such as carpet fibers. This is especially true for high-traffic areas that are carpeted or dusty environments like the desert. For glass and crystal awards kept in the open, you’ll want to dust them at least once per week and give them a thorough cleaning with mild soap and water around once per month.

What can be used to clean the details of engraved crystal trophies?

Intricate engravings on crystal can prove challenging to clean if you’re relying on a cleaning cloth. In these cases, you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush and mild soap, and warm water to gently scrub away any buildup in the engraved details of the piece.

Visualize Success with Crystal Sensations

Presenting exceptionally crafted trophies and awards that feature dazzling designs, employees and staff take notice whether they’re at a large corporation or small business. Holding a monument to the years of hard work that produced exceptional results creates a sense of accomplishment and pride within.

Awards and trophies that are made from the finest optical crystal, jade crystal, and glass provide a stunning appearance and weight that’s able to exemplify how significant achievement is. When selecting a supplier for these recognition pieces, remember that the type of laser engraving technology used will make a stark difference in the final result. Choosing companies like Crystal Sensations ensures only the highest quality equipment and techniques are used so you’re sure to accurately express your level of appreciation.

Crystal Sensations implements the latest innovations in crystal and glass awards and trophies, along with high-resolution imaging technology in full color that create icons of award beauty. Our designers and technicians strive each day to deliver perfect trophies and awards for the most valued employees, team members, and volunteers in organizations of all sizes. Reach out to our design team today to get started on creating the perfect award for your most prized people.

When you’re seeking the highest quality crystal trophies for your employees, it’s important to seek out experts with a proven track record in top-notch production methods. Contact Crystal Sensations today to find the ideal recognition piece for your corporate awards ceremony.