How to Keep Your Custom Glass Trophies in Tip-Top Condition?

How to Keep Your Custom Glass Trophies in Tip-Top Condition?

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One of the most gratifying ways to stay motivated every day is displaying your achievements at home or in the office. These beautiful crystal awards to your success can come in many different materials, from metal to wood to glass.

Embracing your achievements while keeping these commemorative plaques and awards like new, is as easy as following the guidelines below. If you happen to have custom glass trophies, keeping them in tip-top condition comes down to the proper maintenance routine.

Proper Caretaking of Glass and Crystal Trophies

Taking care of your glass and crystal trophies largely comes down to dusting regularly to prevent dust buildup and haziness from developing on the surfaces. Aside from simply using a feather duster to clean your glass and custom crystal trophies, it’s helpful to use one of the following cleaning agents to maintain their original sparkle and shine.

Use White Vinegar

Over time, calcium deposits can build up on glass and crystal, causing a cloudy appearance. One effective way to maintain and restore the original gleam of your trophies is using a solution of white vinegar and water for cleaning. A good rule of thumb is to combine one part white vinegar with three parts warm water in a spray bottle and shake well.

Wash With Soap and Water 

If you’re not a fan of the smell of white vinegar or there is tougher grime buildup on your glass or crystal, a mild dish soap can serve as an excellent solution for cleaning it to a sparkling shine. Simply mix with warm water and use a gentle microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe down the surfaces.

Try a Glass Cleaner

When you are looking for a simple method for keeping your glass trophies and crystal awards clean and clear, a quality glass cleaner is hard to beat. A cleaner that is purpose-made for glass and crystal will provide a streak-free appearance without any cloudiness or leftover residue.

What Not to Do?

Keep in mind that there are some important things to avoid when cleaning trophies and awards made of glass or crystal.

  • Don’t use spray cleaner directly onto the surface. Instead, spray the cleaner onto a soft, clean cloth before gently wiping the award until it’s gleaming again.
  • Avoid using multi-purpose cleaners, which can tend to leave streaks that are difficult to get rid of after the fact.
  • When your award or trophy has a base that’s made from a material other than glass, such as wood or metal, avoid allowing any cleaning solution to drip onto the base.

How Often Should You Clean Them?

To keep your glass and custom crystal trophies looking their best, it’s good to clean them as often as once a week. Of course, this all depends on the environment where the trophies and awards are being displayed. If, for example, your trophies and awards are being displayed in a cabinet, they might only need to be cleaned once a month. When trophies and awards are stored in rooms with carpeted flooring and lots of foot traffic, you may need to clean them more often than once per week. More thorough cleaning using solutions should be left for only when needed to prevent extra wear.

Visualize Success With Crystal Sensations

Visualizing success is accessible anytime when you have a captivating crystal trophy on your desk or shelf. When the going gets tough and you need some motivation, looking up for a reminder of your ability to push past the finish line can be invaluable. 

A Glimpse and Glimmer of Success 

Crystal clear, eye-catching designs made from the finest optical crystal, jade crystal, and glass provide exceptional clarity and precision. These types of trophies and awards feature an upscale appearance that exudes success and achievement. Whether for recognizing corporate milestones being met, sports records being broken, or expressing gratitude for service, glass and crystal make ideal material.

Cutting-Edge Technology 

Not all awards and trophies made of crystal or glass are created equally. Some manufacturers use inferior laser engraving technology that produces a cloudy, imprecise end result that certainly doesn’t express the utmost appreciation. Comparatively, Crystal Sensations leverages the most cutting-edge technology to create masterpieces of merit recognition. Our designers and technicians strive to deliver strikingly beautiful trophies and awards for employees, team members, and volunteers in organizations of all types.

When Should You Get Glass Trophies Maintained?

If your glass or crystal trophy needs more than simple cleaning, it might be time to get it maintained by experts. For example:

  • If deep scratches or swirl marks have developed from using harsh cleaning agents or abrasive cloth towels, it could be time to have repair specialists polish the piece back to its original luster. 
  • Similarly, if the glass trophy or award has become separated from its metal or wood base, it’s best to have the experts repair it, as some adhesives may permanently damage the surfaces. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Maintaining Trophies

What are some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to maintaining trophies made of glass or crystal?

Can You Clean Crystal with Glass Cleaner?

Most glass cleaners are fine to clean your crystal trophy with. You’ll just want to avoid using more abrasive, heavy cleaners with scrubbing agents. Also, be sure to use a soft, clean cloth with the glass cleaner, as paper towels have rough fibers that can create micro-abrasions on the surface.

How Do You Clean Cloudy Crystal Trophies?

If your crystal award or trophy has become cloudy, you can try cleaners that remove mineral buildup, such as CLR.

When you establish a regular routine for keeping your crystal and glass trophies looking their best, you simultaneously reinforce their underlying accomplishments. Remembering each step on your journey to the top, along with the obstacles you’ve overcome, is paramount to continued success.

Crystal Sensations designs and creates remarkable trophies from glass and crystal that give you or your employee’s accomplishments the recognition they deserve. Check out our designs today.