How Much Is a Customized Trophy and Where to Get Design Inspirations?

How Much Is a Customized Trophy and Where to Get Design Inspirations?

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Progressive employers are always seeking ways to recognize talent and reward hard-working teams and individuals who hit various milestones. We all would like to cultivate positive relationships with employees that go above and beyond. One of the most popular ways to show recognition and appreciation is by presenting top talent with beautifully-crafted, custom trophies and awards.

Crystal Sensations has a team of true artisans and designers who will perfectly emulate your brand’s unique aesthetic. Our expert team is dedicated to details; we take enormous pride in our custom trophies and awards and we know your valued employees will be proud to display them. Let’s dive into custom trophy design and illustrate just how you can amaze your target award recipients.

How Much Does a Customized Trophy Typically Cost?

There is a fairly wide range when it comes to how much it costs to have a custom trophy designed and produced. Typically, the average trophy will cost somewhere between $85 and $1500 depending on factors like size, complexity and quantity. In the age of COVID and supply chain challenges, desired turnaround time may also be a factor. Rest assured, our consultations will provide you with the best options to fit your needs – and your budget.

With that in mind, the more customized a trophy is, the more special the presentation and the higher it will be valued by those receiving it. Designs that are unique to your company will convey a greater sense of appreciation for a job well done. Research has shown that employees who feel seen and recognized for their hard work are happier, more motivated, and far less likely to leave.

Design Inspiration for Trophies

While you might want to present the most spectacular trophy possible to your employee, knowing where to start in the design process can be a challenge. Thankfully, the custom designers at Crystal Sensations have you covered. Choose from a wide variety of options, with complete customization available. Shapes, styles, colors sizes can all be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Design Inspiration for Trophies

Clear or Colored Crystal 

When you want to present an award that exudes prestige at a high level, it’s hard to beat the possibilities that clear and colored crystal provides. Custom crystal trophies and awards can feature a nearly infinite range of internal 3D images along with customized company logos, whether clear or a combination of a multitude of colors.

Marble or Granite

Marble or granite offer a stately image that’s ideal for recognizing a legacy of achievements. Trophies and awards utilizing this material are often adorned with metal inscription plaques or combined with other materials for decorative additions. They can also be deep etched and color filled as well.


Beautifully-finished wood adds a classic and elegant touch to almost any award or trophy. This material can be combined with a wide range of other materials such as crystal, glass, or marble to create masterpieces of merit recognition.


Metal for trophies and awards can come in numerous varieties, from silver to bronze to simpler examples. Usually, metal is incorporated with other materials in the form of bases and inscription plates, but can sometimes be used as the primary element of construction. Metal is perfect for delivering a distinct message—a hardened resolve leads to lasting results.

Blown or Fused Glass

Colorful, abstract and artistic trophies are possible with blown or fused glass. These gossamer trophies allow light to pass through, cranking up the brilliance of the colors. This material is combined with marble, wood, or metal as a base to feature the inscription or logo of the company.

Tips in Choosing Trophy Designs

With so many materials and styles to choose from, where do you start when selecting a design for your trophy or award? Here are some key tips to remember when beginning your search for the perfect acknowledgment of achievement for the stars within your organization.

Go Full Color

Clear crystal trophies are classically beautiful, but when you want something unique, going full color can make your trophy stand out like no other. By leveraging our MicroResolution™ technology with processes like subsurface laser engraving or surface etching, you can display colorful images in stunning resolution for a trophy that truly stands apart.

Be Weight Conscious

The award material experts at Crystal Sensations can help you select the ideal dimensions and materials to convey significance without sacrificing practicality. Awards which are light tend to have less perceived value than awards which have more weight to them. We can help strike the right balance between value and cost.

Recognition Hinges on Personalization

Receiving an award or trophy that’s not personalized can feel somewhat insignificant. Personalizations such as custom engraving are an essential element in recognition. A properly designed award will always be displayed and treasured forever. Your award will make the recipient feel seen and appreciated. From thoughtful inscriptions to 3D images infused within crystal trophies, personalization adds that special touch that will remind the recipient of their value and contribution to your organization, every time they gaze upon it.

Reward Accomplishments with Crystal Sensations

Rewarding the accomplishments of your team members is an opportunity to stand out as a caring employer. Recognizing your stand-out performers carries more significance than a basic award made from simple materials. Custom trophies are valued and can be seen in offices and workplaces for years after they are received.

Dazzling Displays of Achievement

Captivating 3D images infused into the finest optical crystal offers clarity and precision that’s unparalleled. Trophies and awards crafted utilizing optical crystal exemplifies success and excellence. These awards transcend the typical. They are truly unique creations of art!

Where Art and Technology Meet

Awards and trophies created using optical crystal require experience and precision. The ZingTeam at Crystal Sensations has over 20 years of experience in working with software and laser technology. Our expertise translates into detail that is, in a word, amazing. Crystal Sensations uses proprietary technology to create stunning recognition pieces. Art actually!

Where to Start When Choosing Customized Trophies?

Crystal Sensations designs and manufactures an array of customized trophies that are perfectly matched to the occasion. Reach out to our design experts today to create the ideal recognition piece for your most valued employee or team member. We won’t compromise on the quality of our materials, so it’s always a good idea to get an early start on your award needs. Because of COVID supply chain challenges, we recommend starting NOW to assure timely completion.