A Complete Buyer’s Guide: How Much Does It Cost to Make an Award Plaque for a Corporate Event?

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Rewarding your team members with an elegant award plaque is a great way to motivate and reward productive and successful employees and leadership. The best part of a customized award plaque or award is the ability to customize the design to match your brand or your internal campaign theme. Providing employees with recognition awards and plaques will help build stronger bonds between management and employees.

Choosing Custom Award Plaques for Your Employee Recognition Event

There are many important features to consider when customizing your award. Budget is important but there are many other factors to consider. While the question of how much an award plaque for a corporate event cost might seem straightforward, the answer depends on several factors such as:

  • Type of custom award plaque selected
  • The method of award plaque being decorated

Other questions to consider:

  • Would you like your custom plaques to be made primarily from crystal or wood?
  • What about adding elements like gold or silver color fill to the engraving?
  • Will the plaques have a metal or glass plate affixed to it?

All these items must be taken into consideration as they will add to the final cost and quality of your custom award plaque.

Many companies offer “free” engraving or services to keep the cost of their custom plaques to a minimum. Although they are inviting, it’s important to keep in mind the adage that “there is no free lunch”. Many who offer “free” items use inferior products or cut corners in production, thus comprising quality. One example might be printing an award with low a resolution. In the long run, this can be harmful to your brand and lower employee morale in some cases.

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Factors That Affect the Cost of Custom Engraved Plaques

A custom engraved award is a great way for Sales Leaders, Safety Managers, and Human Resource Leaders to recognize top employees for their achievements. Employee engagement events are a large investment of time, effort, and expense. To ensure your hard work and efforts are not wasted, it’s critical to select a high-quality award or plaque that will reflect all your efforts.

Many award providers offer “free engraving” which can be alluring, but often comes with a cost. Often, the final product is up to par with your high standards. Let’s examine more closely what might affect the cost of the custom award plaques you’re looking at.

High-Resolution Photo Plaques

When you see ads for free engraving of custom plaques, this is usually includes for very basic typographies and designs. Simple messages of appreciation can certainly be a valuable award, especially compared to having no recognition program, but plaques that are basic will fail to evoke emotions of gratitude like those that are more visually striking.

One example are photo plaques that feature high-resolution and amazing custom printing. Whether your chosen plaque or award is made of crystal, glass, or metal, these photo plaques can display lifelike images in amazing detail and precision. This allows you to make a very memorable personalize recognition piece that lasts for years to come.

Incorporate Premium Materials

A customized award or plaque can be as simple as a piece of cherry wood with a small inscription plate, or it could include premium materials like precious metals or glass. To create an award with these types of detailed elements, requires careful material sourcing to ensure quality, along with specialized equipment to work with them. All of these elements may add additional costs to the plaque or award, but they will result in adding more value to the recognition and achievements of your best employees.

Crystal Sensations also has a new twist to placing glass panels over our wood plaques. We use a magnet system to adhere the glass to the plaque, making it easier to clean the glass, and allowing the glass to be changed in future years.

Personalize Plaques with A Logo

If you plan on having your company logo engraved onto the plaque, it is important to ensure your award maker that can provide high-resolution engraving. For the corporate buyer (Executive leaders like HR Manager or VP of Sales) who wants to go the extra mile when recognizing dedication to their company, plaque design experts can help ensure an amazing outcome.

Custom Awards for Your Employee of The Month Program

Recognition plaques are great for Employee of the Month or Safety Recognition programs. Employees enjoy receiving recognition for their hard work. Not only do they provide a strong incentive to be the best, but high achievers will be proudly displaying their collection of awards in their workspace.

Glass Trophies and Plaques

Crystal trophies and plaques are great for office spaces that have plenty of natural and artificial light. When the light strikes the surface of these awards, it’s often refracted into a colorful array of light. There’s nothing quite as impressive as a dazzling display of crystal awards and trophies lined up in a case for all to see.

Perpetual Plaques That Recognize Employees Working in the Office

Displaying large perpetual plaques in main corridors or entryways is another way your employees can be recognized in a meaningful way. Adding nameplates to these expansive awards helps top employees feel they’ve entered an exclusive club. This adds up to a big motivator for the future leaders who have big aspirations in your company.

Find Amazing Custom Award Plaques with Crystal Sensations

Awards, plaques, and trophies at the lowest prices can sound like a great deal at first. But keep in mind that materials matter, and quality is worth investing in. Engraving should not be left to low-cost production houses that often miss important details like printing color, white, or color. It is especially important to ensure that your brand looks great from the front AND the back view. Typically, lower cost awards and plaques usually print with only a single layer of color, leaving the back side with white filler.

Crystal Sensations prints on crystal using two layers of colour, so your brand looks great from the front and back. We can customize your recognition award or plaque piece with engraving done in a variety of styles. We can even add in some color fill, silver, or gold, to add an extra touch of elegance to the custom awards you’re presenting.

Don’t trust your trophies and plaques brand image to just anyone. Choose the company that’s highly rated (Trust Pilot) for amazing service, selection, and engraving accuracy — Crystal Sensations!

Crystal Sensations is known for great selection, exceptional customer service and great attention to detail. To ensure your product arrives on time, is packaged well, and has great quality – call our offices today to get started.