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Being recognized for a job well done is one of the most rewarding aspects of any career, as it provides affirmation for hard work, dedication, and the achievement of personal milestones. Companies who take the time to recognize the efforts of their valued employees can experience benefits that far outlast the initial celebration. Besides fostering a sense of camaraderie, team spirit and positivity, it can also help attract new talent who may be attracted to the ethic and dynamic of your company. 

How exactly should companies invest in employee recognition, and what further benefits may be gained by doing so? The answer is more complex than you might think, with many subtle gradations in between. Rest assured, it’s never a waste of time, money or resources to recognize their best and brightest employees. In fact, it’s considered a cornerstone in today’s corporate world, which puts emphasis on employees who wish to be part of something bigger than themselves.

Why Bother With Employee Recognition? 

Outstanding achievement and recognition award

While the modern workplace has given us plenty of ways to optimize the daily routine, the simple truth is that burnout, low morale and social disconnect can creep into any organization. Companies can vastly reduce these problems through the simple act of employee recognition. Workers who feel as if they are nothing but a cog in the machine will quickly fall victim to the wrong mentality, but those who feel valued and truly recognized for their hard work and determination will feel re-energized, not to mention recommitted to the company’s greater cause. 

According to Gallup, lack of recognition in the workplace is a major determining factor when it comes to employees who quit and move on. Acquiring top talent is hard, which means keeping it in-house should be any company’s top priority. At the same time, new talent may pass up an employment opportunity at a company with a reputation for overlooking the efforts of top performers. In an era of, employers need to go the extra mile to make sure their employees feel valued. Thankfully, it doesn’t require much effort, and, in fact, feels quite wonderful. The overall team spirit of the company trends upwards, people feel motivated and connected, and employers can feel proud that they’ve made a person’s day that much brighter. 

How Can You Show Employee Recognition?

Woman getting employee recognition

Recognizing employees for their hard work can come in many different forms, all of which are beneficial. It all starts with a simple “thank you,” or “great job,” even when it comes to routine tasks or special projects. Not only is it polite, but it’s also an indicator that employers are keeping watch, which is good for employees who want to make a good impression. 

Other forms of recognition, such as performance bonuses or profit-sharing, are great incentives for employees to keep working their hardest, but remember that money isn’t everything. If done too often without honest verbal appreciation to back it up, these forms of recognition can feel akin to table scraps, instead of genuine, heartfelt appreciation.  

At Crystal Sensations, we understand the value of employee recognition that goes above and beyond the moment. Our beautiful crystal and glass awards have been industry staples for years, and are perfect for encapsulating the honor and achievements of each employee being formally recognized for their work and successes. While a bonus may be exciting in the moment, and a thank you pleasant enough in itself, there’s nothing quite like looking back at a shimmering, etched crystal award with an employee’s name on it, backed up with a commemorative data or landmark achievement. It’s a constant reminder that pays psychological dividends for years on end, while helping employees understand their own career path. 

Employee Recognition Works

Employee gets recognized with award

When you show your employees that they are valued for their work and commitment, it can drastically change the dynamic of a workplace. As long as it is backed up by honest and heartfelt appreciation, your employees will feel it, and reciprocate in kind. Be mindful not to cut back on recognition for fear of it appearing watered down or disingenuous. Praise your employees and show recognition often, but do so on the back of true accomplishments, such as nailing that quarterly report, closing that important sale, optimizing a department to run better, or achieving an important milestone.  

And, of course, don’t forget to commemorate and memorialize those truly important events with the right kind of corporate award! Crystal Sensations is proud to offer a broad selection of gorgeous crystal awards and trophies that will serve as important keepsakes for the mantlepiece, display case, or office space, so that employees can remember the conviction of their employers who paid them special recognition. Meanwhile, companies will enjoy the benefits that come from fostering a strong sense of workplace spirit, community, and mutual appreciation, which will attract new talent eager to work with people who share the same ideals. It truly is a win/win. 

Looking to immortalize the achievements of your employees? Contact Crystal Sensations today, and we’ll help you choose the best awards, trophies or plaques to suit your next event!