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How Are Custom Laser Engraved Plaques Made?

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Are you looking for ways to reward your top performers? One perfect way is with awards they can display at home or in the office. Whether they’re the employee of the month, top salesperson, or have been with the company for decades, a custom award plaque is always welcomed by recipients. Recognition plaques let people know they’re valued, and their hard work is seen by their managers and leaders.

If you are seeking a unique design, there are a numerous ways to create an award that will amaze every employee on the team. These awards come in wide varieties, sizes and materials, from cherry wood to metal to glass and crystal. Custom engraved award plaques are a great place to start. But when your awards event is more upscale, you might want to consider beautiful award plaques from Crystal Sensations that are made from crystal or different metals.  Additionally, more than the material used, the method in which the medium is finished and decorated can make a big difference in how the finish plaque looks.

To help you choose which plaques are right for your recognition event, let’s dive in to learn how custom laser engraved plaques are made. Understanding this process can help make it clear what’s possible so you can deliver a plaque that’s truly remarkable.

What Are Custom Award Plaques Made of?

Custom award plaques have traditionally been made from simple materials like cherry wood or clear acrylic. These plaques often come with lower setup fees, free engraving, and modest engraving methods.

While it’s possible to personalize these types of plaques, these styles are becoming less desirable today. With the rise of laser engraving technology, it’s now possible to produce photo plaques that will blow away any recipient with amazing detail.

But achieving this aesthetic superiority relies on starting with premium award plaques made from exceptional elements and using highly skilled designers who understand how to get the most from laser equipment. Compared with more visually striking plaques made from glass or crystal, basic wood plaques aren’t as amazing.

What Makes a Custom Award Plaque Amazing?

Custom plaques that amaze employees focus more on precision engraving on high-end materials. Taking the extra time to engrave a plaque with the incredible accuracy needed for photo plaques will be clear to everyone to see, especially the employee who’s the recipient of the award. So, how are the most impressive plaques made?

Plaques With Unique Designs

Employees love awards that feel genuine, and few other plaques serve this purpose, like those with unique designs. Square or rectangle plaques are better than nothing, but something different can stand out. When your people have shown extra effort, it’s ideal to match that energy by being more intentional about the award plaques you hand them. From diamond shapes to plaques with 3D engravings, it’s possible to create something remarkable.  We often layer multiple media into a plaque to elevate its appeal.

Perpetual Plaques That Recognize The Whole Team

When you’re on a budget and looking for the lowest prices, an excellent choice is perpetual plaques. While these plaques are large, they can hold numerous names of employees. You’ve probably seen this in lobbies and main corridors of corporations.

These amazing plaques can display intricately designed engravings of the company logo or key products. Below the design, many different nameplates or engravings can bear the name of everyone on the team. This makes it possible to recognize more employees with a lower final cost than handing them all individual trophies and plaques.

Customize Glass Plaques

Glass plaques provide a more clear and precise appearance when customized compared to acrylic. If the corporate gift you’re delivering to an employee is meant to recognize exceptional achievements, glass plaques are sure to please.

Crystal custom awards that capture and refract light are simply more stunning to look at. Engraving these plaques with a laser ensures a far more clear and lifelike image, making them a smart choice when you want more intricate designs on the plaque.

Custom Plaques with Gold and Silver Detailing

Luxurious materials such as stainless steel and brushed aluminum make any custom plaque stand head and shoulders above the rest. Incorporating premium materials and metals into the plaque awards makes the most sense when the employee is someone truly amazing. An employee of the month, a customer service champion, or someone who’s been loyal to the company since day one are all excellent examples of when these premium plaques are warranted.

Custom Engraved Plaques with a Company Logo

Strengthening the culture of any organization is always a challenge. One way to boost employee morale and a sense of community is by adding a company logo to the plaques you award employees. If you create each plaque with the intention of building the brand, logos are a good starting point.

Corporate cultures can be elevated even further when you create a plaque that includes the name of everyone on the team. When your employees take a look at these custom engraved plaques, they’ll be proud to know they’re part of such an amazing organization.

Amazing Custom Awards For Any Occasion

An employee of the month program is always a solid use case for awards. But there are plenty more ways to leverage the power of a recognition program that uses custom awards. Perfect attendance, blasting past sales goals, and bringing a new product to market are all great examples of occasions when custom awards can help improve morale on-site.

Few employees will complain if you give them too many awards, so search for reasons they’re deserving of accolades. The value of expressing employee appreciation is undeniable. If you’re struggling with ideas of how to use awards to drive the growth of your business, reach out to the customer support team at Crystal Sensations. We can help you choose the perfect way to show your gratitude through custom awards according to the occasion.

Discover Custom Engraved Award Plaques That Amaze

Your search for the largest selection of laser engraved plaques is over. Crystal Sensations makes customized plaques that are luxurious enough to recognize the highest of achievements. You can personalize and customize plaques made from premium elements with a precise engraving of your logo, team member name, and meaningful message.

Reach out to the award plaque experts at Crystal Sensations today to get started on designing beautiful award plaques that impress every time!