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Crisp, Tight, Detailed Engraving

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2D/3D Subsurface Laser Engraving

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We have the Capability of using several types of mixed media and substrates for crystal awards and trophies, including but not limited to:

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Clear or Colored Crystal

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Marble or Granite

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Blown or Fused Glass

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Our promotional Products are available through a network of authorized Distributors across North America. Once you have selected the product, you want to purchase, you can add the product to the Quote section and get the price for the mentioned quantity.

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1. State-of-the-Art Laser Technology

2. Customize products according to your requirements. From glass photos, 3D portraits or images, choose vivid colours and artistic designs in glass

3. A unique advertising medium that is long lastings

4. Less time to personalize items according to client requirements
Selecting your favourite Promotional product and Request a Quote Now!

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1. Recognize a team leader

2. Celebrate corporate milestones

3. Create interesting signage

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At Crystal Sensations, our design team’s ability, knowledge, and expertise are the key to our incredible image quality. They are skilled in producing artistic designs, making all of our custom awards unique and incredibly detailed.

Designs are produced in 2D and 3D using special CAD software. For crystal subsurface laser engraving, these computer files are transformed into x-y-z coordinate dots using another software tool that is proprietary to Crystal Sensations.

Laser energy is focused within the crystal after a laser engraving file has been made, causing micro-fractures at each coordinate point. The image is created as the laser is moved within the crystal, setting dots with micron accuracy while the exterior remains unmarked.

Our work has sharper and cleaner detail than other manufacturers because of the accuracy and strict calibration standards that we place on our technology. We have been fortunate during our 20+ years operating in this field to have gained in depth knowledge

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Compared to conventional engraving techniques, subsurface laser engraving offers many benefits to our clients.

1. No hazardous substances are used in this technique, and there are no chemical traces left behind after engraving. If used properly, the machine doesn’t produce any dust and can be cleaned.

2. The machine emits a very faint sound compared to other different techniques.

3. It is simple to engrave on uneven surfaces because the laser engraving equipment has no direct touch with the surface.

4. This machine requires no tip replacement and has a very cheap maintenance cost.

5. Small firms may operate and use the new technology with minimal costs. Productivity will rise as a result, and expenses will go down.

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Deep engraving can easily penetrate metals to a depth of a few millimeters, compared with conventional laser engraving, which normally only goes a few microns deep. However, standard laser engraving can also go down to a depth of 500 microns when using shot blast-resistant laser marking.

Deep engraving has requirements for depth and aesthetics, which is the main distinction between it and laser engraving. However, just like laser etching, laser engraving needs a high contrast to meet traceability standards.

Sub-surface laser engraving involves focusing a laser below the surface of a solid, transparent material to engrave an image by causing minute fractures. To reduce the beam distortion, etched materials have high-grade optical quality, making BK7 glass an ideal material. Plastics are also utilized; however, they produce much less appealing engravings than optical crystals.

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Call on our toll-free number 855-946-4832 now, for any Inquiry!

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Preserve special moments in timeless crystal glass or promote your company in an entirely unique way with 2D/3D subsurface Laser engraving.

At Crystal Sensations®, we have earned a 5 Star supplier rating from ASI distributors, and an A+ supplier rating from our SAGE distributors from many years now.

Experience powerful connection with transparent, sturdy refractive and perfectly polished surfaces, enclosed in a high-quality cushioned box. You can
customize your promotional products for awards ceremonies, events, marketing, branding and more- just to suit your purpose.

At Crystal Sensations®, we have been delivering wondrous 2D/3D subsurface Laser engraving to our distributors and clients along with products that work well for different business objects and client requirements.

  • Crystal Sensations® provides full service 3D design work. Our designers have advanced skills and artistic expertise, thus producing exceptional quality
  • Subsurface Laser Engraving is perfectly suited for any industry. We create imagery that will inspire your stakeholders

Call us on Toll Free- 855-946-4832


Phone- 905-479-8652 for more detailed information about our products. For other methods of reaching out to us, please visit our contact us page, and we will be happy to assist.

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