Subsurface Laser Engraving

Crisp, Tight, Detailed Engraving

Inspirational Ideas for 2D/3D Subsurface Laser Engraving


Preserve special moments in timeless crystal glass or promote your company in an entirely unique way with 2D/3D subsurface Laser engraving.

At Crystal Sensations®, we have earned a 5 Star supplier rating from ASI distributors, and an A+ supplier rating from our SAGE distributors from many years now.

Experience powerful connection with transparent, sturdy refractive and perfectly polished surfaces, enclosed in a high-quality cushioned box. You can customize your promotional products for awards ceremonies, events, marketing, branding and more- just to suit your purpose.

At Crystal Sensations®, we have been delivering wondrous 2D/3D subsurface Laser engraving to our distributors and clients along with products that work well for different business objects and client requirements.

  • Crystal Sensations® provides full service 3D design work. Our designers have advanced skills and artistic expertise, thus producing exceptional quality
  • Subsurface Laser Engraving is perfectly suited for any industry. We create imagery that will inspire your stakeholders

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Using specialized CAD software, 2D and 3D designs are created. These designs are converted to create x-y-z coordinate “dots” for crystal engraving. The secret to our amazing image quality rests with the talent, knowledge and expertise of our design team. They know how to create aesthetically pleasing results. This is the differentiator of Crystal Sensations®.

Once a laser file has been created, laser energy is focused into the crystal, creating micro-fractures at each coordinate point. As the laser is moved within the crystal, placing points with micron precision, the image is formed. The outer surface remains unmarked.

Due to the precision and exacting calibration standards that we impose upon our hardware, the detail in our work is so much sharper and cleaner in comparison to others.

Our promotional Products are available through a network of authorized Distributors across North America. Once you have selected the product, you want to purchase, you can add the product to the Quote section and get the price for the mentioned quantity.

  • State-of-the-Art Laser Technology
  • Customize products according to your requirements. From glass photos, 3D portraits or images, choose vivid colours and artistic designs in glass
  • A unique advertising medium that is long lastings
  • Less time to personalize items according to client requirements

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  • Recognize a team leader
  • Celebrate corporate milestones
  • Create interesting signage

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