Color Fill

Add a Little Color to Your Project

Inspirational Ideas for Color Fill

  • Vibrant colors meticulously hand-painted within the deep surface etching
  • High gloss enamel paints are color matched and applied with extreme expertise

The color fill process consists of hand painting colors within deeply etched areas of text and logos. This adds vibrancy to a crystal award. Exact PMS matching is not guaranteed, but we come extremely close. Logos and designs requiring gradient color are best done using our MicroResolution™ process.

Color fill is best suited to text, designs and logos with solid, non gradient areas. Artisans first surface etch the area they wish to fill, then they painstakingly hand-paint the etched area, resulting in a tight, crisply defined colored area on the surface of your crystal.

Vibrant, high-gloss and/or metallic enamel paints are hand mixed to closely match Pantone® colors on a per-project basis. All colors are recorded for future reference to ensure accurate color matching.

  • Recognize a team leader
  • Celebrate corporate milestones
  • Create interesting glass signage