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Crystal Artwork

Boost confidence and reward efforts of the participants in a competition by giving them personalized trophies and awards, designed at Crystal Sensations®. We pride ourselves on being the source for innovative and jaw-dropping custom trophies, awards and commissioned art. We never compromise on quality and always deliver what we commit, to our clients and distributors.
Our ability to create unique works of art, imagery and highly customized shapes, is an assurance that recipients will receive something that will be truly cherished.

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EYE-Catching Designs

We produce crystal clear and eye-catching designs by using the finest optical crystal, jade crystal and glass. From corporate crystals, sports crystal, and recognition crystals, we have it all for our valuable clients. We are ready to add more charm to your event with our unique range of custom corporate awards.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

We have the Capability of using several types of mixed media and substrates for crystal awards and trophies, including but not limited to:

Clear or Colored Crystal

Marble or Granite



Blown or Fused Glass

Yours Forever

Your custom corporate awards will never be re-created for another user, ensuring that the achievement, integrity, and prestige will be maintained. We have a resource to fulfill small to large orders. You can place an order for as low as 10 custom crystal awards to as high as 100 trophies at the time. Shop for premium quality crystal awards and trophies now.

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Crystal trophies are most often made of large K9 glass, which is most often referred to as optical crystal, a very pure and optically transparent glass. When placed in sunlight or in trophy cases with halogen or bright LED lights, the high-quality, optically clear crystal often refracts the light into the spectral colors, as the edges often act as prisms.

Custom awards from Crystal Sensations are of the highest caliber and craftsmanship. For crystal awards and trophies, we can use a variety of mixed media and substrates, including but not limited to:

  • Clear or colored crystal
  • Marble or granite
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Hand Blown art glass sculpture
  • Cold fused glass

Our high-quality recognition awards will dazzle and amaze all recipients during an event. Browse our website to find a recognition award that suits your taste. Our awards are works of art and will grace the recipient’s bookshelf, desk or display case.

We have expertise in designing a wide selection of premium crystal awards, from globes to diamond-shaped trophies. Our selection of premium crystal awards includes only the finest optical crystal, and members of your team will proudly display them for years to come.

Custom awards made of acrylic have a different feel than those of crystal and glass. As soon as you touch the material, you will notice that it has a plastic-like feel. They are much lighter than crystal awards and don’t feel as “substantial” due to the light weight.

Acrylic awards are slightly more affordable compared to other optical crystals. Because it is softer, the surface is more prone to scratches. Trophies, paperweights and plaques are just a few of the recognition rewards that can be made out of acrylic.

The big downside to acrylic is that it cannot be subsurface laser engraved. So if you have your heart set on having your logo or product laser engraved inside in 3D, acrylic is not the avenue to pursue.

This gets us to the most expensive substance of them all: crystal! Crystal is glass which contains lead oxide in the mixture. Adding lead to the glass changes the characteristics of the material, such as hardness and color. Adding lead oxide to glass does not make it necessarily better, just different. Having lead oxide in the material makes it better for some applications and less attractive for other applications.

The primary distinction is the material’s ability to refract light and produce that “glittering” quality. Crystal is unsurpassed in its breathtaking, light-catching clarity. Awards made of lead crystal have harder surfaces that are more scratch-resistant. Surface scratches in any kind of glass or crystal material are very difficult to remove, so care should always be exercised when handling it.

With Crystal Sensation’s custom design service, you can pick from a variety of themes that best represent your preferences and sense of style. Our skilled craftsmen can give life to your ideas with an unmatched level of personalization.

To get started on your order, simply fill out the form on our Contact Page. Let us know what kind of custom award you need, and we’ll make it happen!

On our website, you can choose the dimension of your crystal award trophy. We offer numerous sizes that range from a few inches to over 2 feet.

Feel free to discuss your needs with our team of custom crystal trophy experts at Crystal Sensations.

Crystal will be heavier compared to many other materials. You should be able to ascertain this weight difference immediately upon picking up a plaque or award.

This is due in large part to the crystal’s molecular composition, which is denser and forms a more compact substrate material.

Despite its density, crystal and glass can be easily scratched if handled incorrectly. Care must be exercised when moving them around, lift, never drag. Crystal surfaces will remain smooth and flawless far longer when handled with care.