Celebrate Winning a Match
with Custom Golf Trophies


Custom Golf Trophies

Each year, numerous golf courses present awards at exceptional competitions and events. Incorporating personalized trophies is an excellent way you can spice up your organization’s annual golf event. Various sizes, personalized engravings, and custom designs can make your golf trophies and recognition awards presentation more memorable.

Put some passion into your next golf event by recognizing that longest drive, winning foursome or most honest team. One great way to liven up your golf event is with a captivating golf award engraved with a message and tournament logo. Unlike lunch, which is gone in 60 seconds, a beautifully designed golf keepsake will last for years and will carry your branding for many years to come.

As the leading custom plaque and awards supplier, Crystal Sensations takes great pride in designing and manufacturing unique, one-of-a-kind golf trophies and awards. We offer corporate crystals, sports themes, and recognition gifts to perfectly match the occasion. We are equipped to enhance the appeal of your event with our exclusive selection of striking custom awards.

Personalized Golf Trophies: Why Choose Crystal Sensations?

We offer a full range of bespoke services to create what you want with minimal fuss. Each trophy is hand-crafted with the utmost care to guarantee high-quality products for our clients. We strive to always exceed our clients' expectations in every project we undertake.

We are proud to be the go-to source for innovative and jaw-dropping custom trophies, awards, for North America’s leading corporations. We can create the most detailed golf trophies ever seen in the promotions industry, customized with your branding. Our custom awards are visually stunning and evoke a sense of pride in all who receive them.

If you are looking for something special for your company tournament or presentation, Crystal Sensations is the perfect place to find it!  We are known for our diverse product range of custom-made crystal trophies and plaques. Each are carefully crafted from start to finish.

A finely made custom crystal trophy or gift with meticulous engraving is our expertise, it is what we are known for and what separates us from others in our industry. These items are memorable, inspiring, and will be cherished by the recipient for many years to come. We offer affordable crystal plaques, golf trophies, and golf awards to suit every budget and style.

Our clients’ testimonials reflect our amazing customer service and attention to detail. From our top-notch customer care specialists to our trophy and award designers, we are here to ensure that the  recognition of your group is perfect in every way.

We pride ourselves on providing a professional, unique, and personalized service for our clients at an affordable price. Our designs are always on-trend and the feedback we receive from our customers is a true testament of how hard we work to provide exceptional products and impeccable service to those we serve.

Although many vendors offer custom trophies, few can deliver the amazing experience delivered by Crystal Sensations. We pride ourselves on superb customer service, quick turnaround, and quality craftsmanship at every stage of production.

Our total satisfaction guarantee is another way we stand behind our products and services. We want you to have the best trophy experience possible and will do everything in our power to ensure it!

Many companies promise excellence in custom golf trophies, but Crystal Sensations has a proven track record and reputation that ensures you will receive exactly what you ordered.  As an example, we’ve seen many examples of awards that are produced printing a logo or text in color, only to see the reverse side printed in white only.  At Crystal Sensations, our Zing Team takes the time to print color-white-color, every time, so that when you view your cherished award or trophy from the back, your brand looks spectacular in full color – front and back.

Crystal Sensations has perfected the science and art of subsurface laser engraving. Over the past 20 years, we’ve amassed expertise and technical knowledge making us one of the leading suppliers in the industry. This expertise has allowed us to significantly enhance the image detail seen in our awards.  In fact, many suppliers show computer generated images on their website, but Crystal Sensations only publishes actual photos of our work.  What you see is what you get.  We are transparent and we believe that utilizing computer images to represent a manufacturing line of awards is misleading and dishonest.

We are a team of trained trophy and award experts that ensures every customer has a pleasant experience. Our specialists will guide you through the process of designing your golf trophies by carefully listening to your vision and understanding your goals.

If you’re searching for the perfect gift for your corporate golf event, look no further! Personalized golf trophies are ideal, as they make occasional golfers feel appreciated and recognized. If you want to unlock your creativity and design golf trophies that meet your requirements and budget, we can make it happen.

You can get a golf trophy customized by size, with unique text, logo, colors, and design. Our custom crystal golf plaques can be engraved with your event date, team names, sponsors, or anything else you require to make them unique to your event, or brand.

When a professional wins a major golf event, they’re entitled to something truly special when it comes to the trophy they’re presented with. But trophies that are spectacular don’t come cheap! It’s challenging to amaze participants of your corporate golf event when your budget is not unlimited.

That’s why Crystal Sensations strives to provide amazing trophies and keep within a budget.  Crystal Sensations will work with you to provide your corporate golf event tasteful awards that are affordable at every budget range.

Celebrate Your Events with The Perfect Golf Award

Personalized golf trophies commemorate those once in a lifetime event. What are the odds of a father and son obtaining holes-in-one in a single round?  And how do you commemorate that?  Crystal Sensations rose to the challenge and crafted a one-off award to do just that!  Congratulations to the Davis’ on their extremely rare feat.

Make your events more memorable with a custom golf award! Contact us today to get started on an AMAZING design!