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Get Corporate Recognition Awards For Your Employees

At Crystal Sensations, we are committed to helping you celebrate employee efforts with stunning recognition awards.

A physical memento of employee recognition can go a long way toward business success. Recognizing employees and acknowledging individual accomplishments can help them feel valued, which can help your bottom line.

Trust Crystal Sensations to preserve your employees' efforts in beautiful and timeless crystal corporate awards with their names engraved on it.

Reward Your Employees With Stunning Recognition Awards

No matter the industry, your coworkers and business partners deserve corporate recognition awards. These are a great way to show appreciation for employee excellence or loyalty, production milestones, and more.

At Crystal Sensations, we have worked with countless companies, organizations, and sports teams for years. We maximize opportunities that build your brand and elevate our vision and design potential. Through carefully-crafted 3D crystal awards, we can help you express your appreciation in stunning detail.

The Crystal Sensations Shopping Experience

Crystal Sensations has years of experience in creating a variety of employee awards. Whether you want a team player award or a custom employee award, our expert artisans can bring your idea to life. We take pride in offering innovative and stunning custom trophies, awards, and commissioned art. The quality of our products and services is never compromised, as we ensure precision and design intersect with gravitas and elegance intact. We always deliver what we commit to our clients and distributors.

At Crystal Sensations, we take pride in working with a variety of budgets and styles. Showing that your company appreciates hard work does not have to be expensive — even if you want custom-made corporate awards. Crystal Sensations prioritizes vision and potential. We use our expertise to suggest a layout, size, and design generate awards that can both recognize employees’ hard work and suit your budget best.

Employee recognition awards can come in all shapes and sizes. Show your appreciation with an elegant yet intricate tower award made from 3d crystal, or choose to give employee recognition awards in the form of a dazzling fanfare-shaped trophy. If you have a unique idea that’s never been done before, Crystal Sensations can also create custom-made corporate recognition awards and turn your vision into a reality.

Shop by the dimensions of your custom crystal trophies at Crystal Sensations. Our custom crystal awards, trophies, and plaques are measured in centimeters by L x W x H. In many cases, Crystal Sensations can provide a variety of sizes of the same design to help you stay within your budget. 

Beyond clear 3D crystal, Crystal Sensations offers employee awards in black and blue colors. If you have something unique in mind, Crystal Sensations can help you create an employee recognition award that’s close to your company branding.

Employee awards can come in a variety of materials. While we admire the simplicity and elegance of a single material award for our corporate recognition awards, there are occasions when the subject matter calls for multiple materials. Choose boldly colored carbon fiber, or an eye-catching crystal in shades of Starfire, metal, or elegant Rosewood to add a personal touch to your award design.

If you’re looking at a particular engraving style or want something unique for your employee awards, Crystal Sensations has a variety of sub-surface application techniques. We pride ourselves in creating tailor-fit engrave your employees’ names, recognize a particular achievement, and accommodate any unique ideas you may have in mind. Our sub-surface application techniques come in different finishes, with various unique aspects that help you add that extra bit of personality to your gifts & awards.

Importance of Corporate Recognition Awards

The right employers understand that there is a need to boost morale and motivation amongst the best ideators and hard workers in a company. What purpose do employee recognition awards serve?

It's as simple as positive feedback and a restorative vote of confidence toward employees. Awards serve a very positive function for management and the workplace in general, letting individuals feel appreciated for their performance. A few reasons why corporate recognition awards are vital for your company is because:

  • It gives incentives to top performers.

  • It improves team morale and employee engagement by making them feel appreciated.

  • It indicates that the corporation is interested in the growth, needs, and wants of its workers.

  • It represents confidence in the potential of your employees.

  • It increases your employee's dedication.

  • It boosts company morale.

  • It is less expensive than other employee recognition strategies.

  • It rewards every individual's efforts.

  • It engages a competitive spirit amongst employees.

  • It can help retain valuable individuals.

  • It recognizes employees through their achievements, which leads to increased loyalty and maximized service.

  • It builds pride in the company, which strengthens the brand perception and company culture.

  • It is more effective than other employee motivation strategies.

  • It commemorates milestones.

  • It encourages new hires to aspire towards something greater.

  • It fosters a positive company culture based on merit.

Get Custom Corporate Awards For Your Business Today

Just imagine for a moment, an award that you received for years as a reminder of your bookshelf, desk, or wall that is unique and distinctive in its shape. There is a big message sent across when you award your employees what they deserve. If you want to make a lasting impression on your company awards and recognize those accomplishments, then look no further than Crystal Sensations.

Awards are a wonderful way to show your appreciation for everything your customers and employees have done. They will be remembered forever with the time and work you put into each day. With years of experience, let our expert staff help you throughout the process and realize the impact of how employee awards can alter their behavior and boost company morale. Reach us at our toll-free number - 855-946-4832 to explore an elevated way to celebrate achievements.

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