Custom Crystal Trophies for Your Corporate Awards

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Experience Exceptional Artistry With Our Engraved Crystal Trophies

Celebrate your employees with Crystal Sensations' custom crystal awards.

Corporate crystal awards have long been the standard way to express employee appreciation. After all, a beautifully-designed trophy can serve as a long-lasting reminder of a recipient's effort.

Crystal Sensation's collection of custom awards is unmatched in craftsmanship and quality. From globes to diamond-shaped trophies, Crystal Sensations has experience creating a wide range of high-quality crystal awards. Our range of premium crystal awards uses only the finest optical crystal to ensure your trophies and awards last years to come.

With the right Crystal Sensations awards in place, your team will beam graciously when they receive their award.  In fact, an award will be a memorable keepsake they will have for a lifetime. Crystal Sensations ensures quality and design in all our engraved crystal awards, making them a source of pride.

Our Mission

At Crystal Sensations, we want to help your employees feel valued.

Through our high-quality crystal awards, you can provide employees with a physical reminder of your appreciation. Our innovative laser engraving technology ensures we provide only the highest level of detail for any kind of specific recognition theme.

Whether you have a crude concept or a detailed plan, our experts can extract these specifics and engrave them onto our crystal. Our revolutionary laser engraving method and skilled artisans can bring any idea to life.

We bring your employees a glimmer of appreciation with elegance and progress kept intact. Finding the right crystal trophy to commemorate a victory or express a token of appreciation is a stunning possibility at Crystal Sensations.

What We Offer

Crystal Sensations offers several types of crystal awards. Our different color and style options can help you uniquely represent your company and address any specific recognition themes. We juxtapose;


Crystal Sensations prides itself on offering a variety of shapes that can best help your unique design to life. We don't shy away from variety and offer a wide array of design pieces that are customizable to your liking. Some of which include:

  • Plaques
  • 2-Dimensional
  • Circles and arcs
  • Cubes
  • Rectangles
  • Pyramids and triangles
  • Squares
  • Spheres or globes
  • Towers
  • Trophies
  • V-groove


Beyond offering optical crystal products, Crystal Sensations can also work with crystal jade, crystal Starfire, carbon fiber, metal, and rosewood.

We offer a number of different colors and styles that can uniquely represent your company. Take it a step further by customizing your reward to match your recipient and truly show your gratitude.

Why Choose Crystal Sensations’ Crystal Awards For Your Corporate Event?

Customized awards are beautiful, unique, and long-lasting — they're the perfect way to express your recognition. Ensuring your people know they're appreciated and are deserving of milestone awards makes a crystalized token or award even more important. At Crystal Sensations, we want to help you bring your idea of a unique and memorable memento of your employee's achievements to life.

Crystal Sensations’ team of expert designers and craftsmen have years of experience working with a fine selection of crystals and transforming them into dazzling pieces of art. We have a particular affinity for the highest quality designs, which has led us to become the leading name in timeless luxury. Our standard services are second to none, and we fully guarantee our products against any design flaws.

Occasionally, it’s the little things that make the biggest impact, so detailed orientation is key. It consists of the images etched into the crystal glass. It is the font’s precision and sharp edges that may be problematic. These are the minor elements that give an award its sense of significance and make it seem like a huge deal. Thus, for your crystal glass awards, it makes sense to seek out Crystal Sensations’ services, which do not fall short of precision and detailing.

The perfect crystal trophies require us to stay connected and ignite strong bonds that elevate everyone’s vision of pride. From conceptualization to completion, we will work with you to ensure your custom trophy incorporates all the details you need. We take a consultative approach with each and every customer to ensure that every piece becomes a true showcase of your success.

Crystal Sensations uses the latest cutting-edge technology giving you optical crystal . Our well-trained technicians use the most up-to-date techniques to tailor-fit the best crystal awards to your liking. The end result is a stunning piece of art that perfectly empowers your achievements or marks significant events or milestones.

Our skilled craftsmen will personalize your crystal award with the message and imprint of your choice. No matter what the engraving, color, or shape, the Crystal Sensations team can bring your idea into reality.

Each crystal award is precisely cut and skillfully designed to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Your custom corporate awards will never be re-created for another user, ensuring that the achievement, integrity, and prestige will be maintained, without sacrificing top notch service.

Crystal Sensations guarantees only the highest-quality crystal for your awards. Even if you choose not to work with crystal, we ensure that your trophy is one-of-a-kind and long-lasting. We can transform your vision of a token of appreciation into an heirloom-quality piece of art that can last generations. Take pride in gazing at a meaningful achievement in crystalized

Instead of selecting the rewards at random, evaluate their purpose, including why and to whom they are being given to. There is always room to recognize what is deemed a worthy achievement. Whether it’s for celebrating exceptional performance, acknowledging teamwork, or recognizing an individual’s contributions, Crystal Sensations can help work with you and put your ideas to life. All you need to do is select a prize and a design that fits your needs, and let our team do the work for you.

First impressions on something worth coveting always matter. However, at the right price with stunning star fire crystal or jade glass, they’re truly worth beaming over. Believe it or not, it is possible to find a high-quality crystal glass award at a reasonable price, including the materials, production, and engraving. All you need to do is find and connect with a business that prioritizes its clients, like Crystal Sensations.

Why Choose Crystal Sensations’ Crystal Awards For Your Corporate Event?

At Crystal Sensations, you can trust us to create the perfect customized crystal trophy for your corporate event. Our workforce has been in the business for years, and custom awards for all occasions top our priority list.

No matter the size, shape, or design — Crystal Sensations can deliver. We have an expansive inventory of high-quality products and cutting-edge technology that we use to satisfy our customers and make sure that they get the trophies they deserve. This makes us a frontrunner in the industry.

If you are planning a corporate event, special occasion, or award ceremony, and want an experience that is memorable, contact our designers and bring your reality to life. Email us at for general inquiries about crystal awards and trophies or call our dedicated team at 905-479-8652 today!

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