Engraved Crystal Sphere
Trophies for Employee Recognition


Engraved Crystal Sphere Trophies for Employee Recognition

Rewarding deserving employees goes beyond monetary compensation. More than ever, companies are turning to custom corporate awards to express employee recognition and appreciation. And while conventional crystal trophies and plaques are effective and appreciated, nothing says "Thank You!" more than a crystal sphere incorporated into a trophy!

There's something remarkable about stunning crystal spheres. Especially when they are incorporated into trophies. They are sure to amaze all viewers. The intricate details and delicate balance of the orb-shaped crystal structure are one-of-a-kind, making them perfect awards for corporate recognition.

Crystal Sensations creates a wide range of special awards that are finely crafted and deliver a personal touch through custom engraving and unique designs. Our crystal spheres are crafted works of art that guarantee the class and style statements you're aiming to achieve, each one engraved with care and expertise, one by one.

Why Choose Crystal Ball Trophies?

It's time to say goodbye to boring trophy styles and welcome a collection of gleaming crystal ball trophies that will adorn your office and are sure to AMAZE everyone! You'd be surprised at how much recognition your company will get once you present a stunning crystal sphere award to your valued clients and achievers.

Crystal sphere trophies are always an ideal way to celebrate a company's achievement or honor a deserving employee. With their clarity and brilliance, crystal ball trophies and awards can highlight the accomplishments they represent.

There's nothing quite like the sight of a stunning crystal globe on a crystal base to bring out that feeling of pride in achieving a goal or hitting a milestone.  If you're still on the fence about selecting a crystal ball with engraving, consider the range of benefits:

Often, company awards are far too generic to make an impact. We strongly believe that a prize or trophy must harmonize with the ceremony and design.

Be assured that our crystal sphere awards are unlike anything you have ever seen. Our one-of-a-kind crystal ball awards will leave a lasting impression long after your event.

A unique crystal ball award allows you to stand out from the rest of the crowd. You get to choose your design, engraving methodology, and other decoration details. You can design something that is 100% unique to your brand and style.

The crystal ball is one of nature’s perfect forms, and its effect in capturing light is spectacular, making it an ideal shape for awards. For a touch of extra class and elegance, Crystal Sensations offers a range of crystal sphere sizes in different styles and base options.

Our spheres and vertical optical crystal bases reflect light beautifully, creating the perfect glow of elegance. And we offer several varieties of sphere design, from complete spheres to flat bottoms or flat faces that can be deep etched and personalized.  The unique decorations give off an aura that shows prestige and high quality. Our high-end awards are designed to impress during your awards night, and every day thereafter. Browse through our collection on our website and be amazed at what we offer!

Our top-notch crystal sphere trophies are the best in the world. They are created with only the finest craftsmanship and experience, representing the true power of design and art that procurement professionals in the awards industry have come to expect from Crystal Sensations.

Because these are one of the most difficult shapes to customize and engrave, a perfectly engraved sphere is truly something to marvel at. As one of the industry’s leading custom trophy manufacturers, we take pride in our ability to create amazing designs on quality products for our customers, even when the item is technically challenging to work with.  And the sphere is by far the most challenging shape to customize.

Deep etching a logo and text on a spherical surface is tricky, sometimes impossible to do.  Some designs are possible, while others are nearly impossible, or commercially unviable (too costly).  Up until recently, the process of laser engraving spheres was challenging and tricky – for every 100 spheres ordered, 10 to 15 went into the recycling bin because the subsurface engraving (inside 3D engraving) failed.  The image had points missing or defects in the engraving. 

Crystal Sensations has thought through this problem and we have recently developed a proprietary solution to reliably engrave spheres.  

The results?  Zingtastic!  Did you expect anything else?  Now our spheres are engraving consistently with perfectly formed images.

Two interesting sidenotes with spheres:  The images inside are quite smaller than they appear to be, the sphere shape magnifies the images quite nicely.  Additionally, the further from the center the image is, the more the sphere enlarges and therefore distorts the image.  These two phenomena cannot be shown in artwork, they can only be seen with photos of the actual engraved spheres.

Crystal Sensations: Putting the Zing in Amazing!

At Crystal Sensations, we pride ourselves with a high level of craftsmanship. Our extreme attention to detail is something we're incredibly proud of, and we're sure you'll see the difference. We stand behind our design and creation process, so you can feel confident placing your order.  Our proofing stage is so comprehensive and complete, clients will see what they will be receiving prior to production.

When it comes to the products and services we provide, our attention to detail and impeccable customer service are second to none. Without these two elements, an award or trophy is just a commodity.  Said another way, a buyer is really investing in our abilities to replicate their brand in tasteful and artistic ways, with the crystal material being secondary.  All suppliers start with the same raw materials, but Crystal Sensations stands apart when it comes to how we engrave the crystal, regardless of the size or shape.

Whether you are a team manager or a salesperson, we want to ensure that we give you what you need, when you need it. We know that when you consult with us, we want you to have the ideal trophy in mind for your recognition events and needs. Our designers and engravers will ensure you’ll be presenting a quality award that will last for many years.

We are proud to offer the best trophy and awards selection you can find online. We have hundreds of different trophy sizes along with all the accessories you may need to make your event extra-special. Enjoy superior quality and exceptional results by working with us to create a trophy design at a reasonable price.

While designing your award, we let our customers take the wheel, but we guide them in the right direction. You can plan the color, weight and design, and our professional designers will consult with you at every step!  You can customize and personalize stock award designs, or we can design and award for your organization that is a complete customized creation.

At Crystal Sensations, we’re passionate about creating personalized awards and trophies. A great step up from simple medals or framed certificates. We have created awards for sports, education, and just about every field you can imagine! We want to be your award vendor of choice, so we’ve built a reputation for exceptional customization.

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