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Brand Strategy Case Study: TransAm, Pirelli and Crystal Sensations Trophies and Awards

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The Trans Am Racing Series has been a mainstay of American motor-sports since its creation in 1966. But a major change came in 2017 when Pirelli became the Trans Am Series’ exclusive tire supplier and presenting partner. This powerful combination of two race giants reflected a sharply focused Brand Strategy that offered each of these mega-brands the opportunity to build their brand images even further:

The Italy-based Pirelli could strengthen its brand recognition across North America, while the Trans Am Racing Series could grow its appeal internationally. Both parties stood to gain substantial brand equity through this new partnership.

Victory Lane Trophy represents both Trans Am Series and Pirelli

With such an exciting sponsorship partnership in place, race president John Clagett was challenged to create a new Victory Lane trophy that would properly reflect this new and exciting relationship. So, Mr. Clagett and the Trans Am Racing Series turned to Crystal Sensations to design and create a new trophy.

This challenge offered the perfect branding opportunity to provide a strong visual representation for both the Trans Am Series and Pirelli, and their sponsorship relationship. The new Victory Lane trophy needed to stand out in the minds of racing competitors and their fans as fresh, unique, and above all, stunningly beautiful. It also needed to clearly connect back to both companies in those same racing competitor’s minds. This concept is at the very core of branding.

Sports Brand Strategy and Online Engagement

When considering brand strategy in the world of sports, it’s vitally important to appreciate just how socially engaged sports audiences tend to be. Sports fans make up a unique segment of the population who love to share and engage with sport related content on social media marketing, through their mobile devices. With this knowledge in mind, it was clear that the final design of the new trophy would need to have a commanding visual presence, one fans would love to share widely across their social media platforms. For the most effective social media “share-ability” and overall engagement, only one of Crystal Sensations’ incredible creative innovations was in order.

To best leverage the branding of Pirelli and the Trans Am Racing Series, the corporate colors of both partners were considered and integrated into the new trophy design. The finished Victory Lane trophy utilized a unique design of colorful art glass, masterfully crafted, reflecting both the Trans Am Racing Series and Pirelli.

As Mr. Clagett himself put it: “Our new trophies represent the same combination that [the Trans Am Racing Series and Pirelli] saw take our competition to new levels at Sebring in our opening round. Needless to say, we’re extremely pleased with the results and the fantastic work by Miles (Bocknek) and his team.”

Crystal Sensations will be redesigning the Trans Am Racing Series Victory Lane trophies every year. Be sure to check back with us for the reveal of 2018’s design!