All MicroResolution


  • Expand your design possibilities and combine MicroResolution™ with other processes, such as sub-surface laser engraving, or surface etching

  • Produce full CMYK print on the surface that traditional methods can not achieve

Presenting full color images onto or within crystal is a versatile way to incorporate imagery into your designs. MicroResolution™ is capable of producing straight borders, complex vector outlines and full gradient color.

Some interesting applications for this process include incorporating graphic color artwork onto the crystal as a compliment to the sub-surface laser engraved design.

Using only MicroResolution™ in your project design is a cost effective way to create a dramatic impact for the recipient.

Compared to hand painted surface etching, MicroResolution is a cost effective method which should be considered, particularly if the design or source files have gradient color or multiple overlapping colors.

Inspirational Ideas for MicroResolution