The Art of Deception

Render vs Real

How can a buyer evaluate product quality when computer-generated images depict products on a website? 

The reality is that buyers have no idea of the quality when rendered (computer generated) images are used in place of actual photographs on any website.

Many suppliers today use computer generated (rendered) images to represent their work and the products they offer.   Suppliers who do not state that the pictures presented are computer generated are committing the ultimate deception.  This practice gives a buyer a false representation of the quality and craftsmanship of the supplier’s work. Not disclosing the fact that images aren’t real is an act of deception.

During the 15 years that Crystal Sensations has been in operation, we have had numerous customers come to us with disappointment, anger, and frustration after receiving poor quality after seeing incredibly detailed “images” on a website.  In our Blog, we showcase Manuel, an artist from Spain.  A supplier deceived Manuel into thinking the work they offered was of very high quality, only to find that the actual product was flawed and vastly inferior compared to the images shown.

Crystal Sensations uses only actual photographs to showcase our work.  The detail seen in our images are of real engravings.  We have never used “fake” pictures to represent our work.  Be confident that the images you are seeing on our website are real, and are accurate representations of our artist’s talent and that of our engraving quality.  At Crystal Sensations, seeing is believing.

We offer this information so that buyers can make more informed decisions when looking for a supplier of engraved crystal.