Our Story

The Pursuit to be amaZing

Approximately 25 years ago I established a business that has since evolved into Crystal Sensations®.
In the mid 1990’s our focus was sourcing gifts and awards for corporate clients. Other manufacturers produced our offerings.
One of our suppliers informed me of a developing laser technology, from Russia, that enabled crystal shapes to be engraved internally.
Fatefully, a few months later while attending a gift exhibition in New York, I happened to come across this foreign company. The samples which I saw were breathtaking. Foreseeing an opportunity, I offered all the money that I had in my pocket, and I asked the sales rep how many samples could I purchase.

“Son, anything worth doing is worth doing well!”Mr. Bocknek

This was the start of what would become Crystal Sensations®. As I began to show our customers this new product line, I observed that the excitement and enthusiasm was incredible. Everyone was very intrigued at this new way to display text, logos and graphics inside solid crystal shapes.

As more and more of this laser crystal was purchased, I realized that the product needed to be produced here in North America. Changes to artwork had to be done quickly, and having control over the manufacturing process was critical.
As the months passed, I learned about a man who could connect me to the source of the laser technology needed to do this kind of engraving. My travels took me overseas and I evaluated several 3D laser engraving systems in several countries.
In January 2002, just two days after our laser technology arrived, Crystal Sensations® produced its first production order of 300 cubes. The image was that of the human brain.

As I was growing up, my father told me over and over again, “Son, anything worth doing is worth doing well.” The high quality work coming from the overseas crystal factory inspired me to think, “I want to be as good as them, even better!

We place the “Zing” into amaZing.Jerome Bacchus

Over the years, our determination and persistence enable us to progress, and we found ways to improve and refine our equipment and artistry.  Each refinement and advancement led to better and better engraving detail.  Customers and competitors alike quickly took notice of the improvements in our laser imaging.
We heard over and over that our work was “amaZING”.  Jerome Bacchus, our VP, was telling our clients “that we place the ‘ZING’ into amaZing”.  We coined the term ZingTeam™ to describe the talented artisans and dedicated employees within Crystal Sensations®.

The Competition Tries To Keep Up!
Over the years we’ve observed several competitors parroting our verbiage in their own catalogs and web pages, but they haven’t been able to achieve our amaZing engraving detail.  To compensate, many suppliers now display computer generated images on their websites.  They aren’t showing actual photographs of their work. 
When the images being displayed are not actual photographs, buyers won’t see the quality of the engraving work being done.  For that reason, all of the images Crystal Sensations® displays are actual photographs of our work.  We have never shown computer generated images.  And we never will!  You can confidently judge our quality by viewing the photographs we display.

On behalf of the talented artists that are the core of our ZingTeam™, I’d like to thank our loyal clients for their support over the last 15+ years.  We look forward to many more years serving the corporate marketplace as we continue our pursuit to bring amaZing ideas and products to the clients we serve.

Miles Bocknek
President, CEO