Concept To Completion

The Production Stages From Your Idea To Your Finished Product


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Take a virtual tour with us, as we take you through our design stages.



Engage us. We will take your concept and inject life into it. We work from sketches, blueprints, photos, art work, and CAD files. We can create custom images from scratch when necessary.


The experience and expertise of our artisians is what distinguishes Crystal Sensations ® awards from the competition. All suppliers use similar software, but the ZingTeam™ at Crystal Sensations® has greater expertise in how to extract details from within these programs, as evidenced by the detail found within our crystal.



For client approval, our visualization software provides a realistic, multi-view proof of the finished crystal. Fine tuning and design revisions can be made prior to production. We take pride in recommending the most suitable shape and size of crystal to compliment your layout and budget. For complex or large projects, a prototype sample is produced for approval before commencing with the production run.


The approved design is imported into specialized software creating x-y-z coordinate “points” for crystal engraving. At this stage, some of our greatest creative work takes place as we convert the art into a laser file for engraving. Laser energy, containing tremendous heat at a fixed focal point, is induced into the crystal, micro-fracturing the crystal at each coordinate point. As the laser is moved within the crystal, engraving tiny dots with micron precision, the image begins to take form. The outer crystal surface remains unmarked during the engraving process.



Great concepts can be “crystallized” into any quantity. Each award can be personalized with an individual name, date, or limited edition number. Your artwork remains on file, so it’s easy to reorder or update your concept in the future.