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Supplying Quality Crystal Engraving for Over Fifteen Years!

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We’ve earned a 5 Star supplier rating from ASI distributors, and an A+ supplier rating from our SAGE distributors for many consecutive years. Crystal Sensations® is uniquely positioned to deliver consistently amaZing results for our distributors and their clients.

Our Vision

We want to be the “best in class” design, manufacturing & customer service facility in all aspects of our business; through the spirit of cooperation and consultation, with the foundation of our Guiding Principles and by leveraging our Core Values against the needs of our clients.


Core Values

· Respectful to all ·
· Dependable and Reliable ·
· Honesty in all that we communicate and create ·
· Open-minded as we listen to our clients ·
· Motivated to achieve excellence in all that we do ·

Guiding Principles


in everything we communicate and do


by fact in all aspects of our business


project management from inception to completion


to our clients for every endavour we undertake on their behalf


to conduct business in an equitable and fair manner with all clients


as the foundation of all our relationships