Creative Ways to Use Engraved Custom Corporate Awards for Employee Appreciation Events

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Almost everyone who has worked in a corporate setting has received a generic thank-you gift. However, meaningful and personalized custom corporate awards are the best ways to reap the full benefits of employee recognition.

While corporate gifts may show general appreciation, nothing about them makes the recipient feel truly special or as if they are an individual whose unique skills make a difference in their company.

Your employees should never feel like an afterthought, and even the best employee rewards and recognition program can benefit from some new ideas to retain team members and lower attrition. 

Let’s take a look at some creative ways to show employee appreciation using corporate recognition awards and trophies and transform generic corporate gifts into unexpected, thoughtful, and one-of-a-kind rewards.

Why is it important to show your employees you appreciate them?

Recognizing hard work and exceeding goals is simply a good business practice. Employees who feel appreciated work harder, produce the highest quality work, and stay with the company longer.

When employees are recognized for their efforts, the efforts continue. Of course, recognizing employees with an award that they will appreciate is a necessary step in motivating them, and engraved crystal corporate awards are a great way to do so.

Custom engraved corporate recognition awards offer numerous ways to show your employee how much you value their efforts. Corporate awards engraved with your employees’ accomplishments can also easily build loyalty and help them understand how much you value their efforts.

Here are a few more reasons why custom award plaques are meaningful in the workplace:

Personalization Makes Your Award Extra Special 

Using personalization on an award gives it greater meaning. An award engraved with the recipient’s name, title, a brief message of appreciation, and the company logo communicates more than a standard award—giving it more meaning.

It also has more meaning because employees will recognize that the company took the time and paid a little extra to have the award personalized for them.

Improves Employee Recognition

You understand how important employee recognition is in the workplace, and it takes a variety of forms to create a positive workplace culture. There is peer-to-peer recognition, which happens all the time, and company recognition, which is the rarer of the two.

Giving out a custom award, such as our distinguished service crystal award, is certainly company recognition, and getting custom awards for your top performers only adds to the number of recognition employees receive.

Increases Loyalty 

Employees who feel meaningfully recognized and appreciated are less likely to seek meaningful employment from other organizations. When you give out customized executive awards, you show your employees that you recognize the value they bring to the business, which makes them more loyal to your company.

It also shows that you share the same values and vision and that you want them to be an important part of your company for many years to come.

Offer Employees a Shared Experience

Employees want to feel connected to their peers and the company, in addition to feeling that their work is meaningful. Giving trophies and plaques to different employees each year creates a shared experience while still allowing each to retain a sense of individuality.

This will also create a bond among employees who have received the same award, and as the company grows, they will contribute their industry knowledge to your organization, and the trophies and plaques themselves will become more prestigious over time.

Ways to Show Your Employees Appreciation Using Crystal Engraved Awards

It’s critical to recognize your employees for their efforts. Every day, they work to produce positive-quality work that benefits the company. Without their work, the company would not be what it is today.

Here are a few ways to show your hard-working employees appreciation with custom awards:

Engraved Words of Appreciation

Recognizing employees when they reach significant milestones is important because it makes them feel like the many years they have put in were worthwhile. Employees are more likely to remember their achievements and remain motivated to work hard when they have memorable desk accessories, such as recognition awards and trophies with free engraving.

As a result, you should create a database of each employee’s start date and give them unique gifts on the anniversary of those dates or at the awards ceremony closest to them.

Custom-Designed Crystal Awards

Employees today want to know that the time and effort they put into their work is appreciated. Show your appreciation by presenting a gift to those who have consistently demonstrated great commitment, dedication, and service with custom-designed crystal awards.

Trophies and awards are a magnificent way to express thanks and recognize outstanding performance.

Celebrate Achievements through Awards Night

Depending on the size of your company’s workforce, each department may be large enough to function as its own team.

If your company is large enough that recognizing an individual standout employee in each department makes sense, a company-wide awards night is a great way to recognize your hardest working employees.

Show Appreciation on Social Media

Another great way to recognize your employees is by showing appreciation via social media. Social media has made it easier than ever to recognize your employees.

Employee recognition on social media is a simple way for managers and top-level executives to show their employees that they care, and it’s also cost-effective, which any staff will love.

Provide Gift Cards

Lastly, gift cards are another way to express gratitude to your employees. While cash incentives may be fraught with complications, ranging from clauses in employment contracts to issues with the taxman, giving out gift cards as a way to show recognition for your employees’ hard work is simple and inexpensive.

Choose High-Quality Crystal Engraved Corporate Awards

Giving employee and executive leadership awards and trophies has numerous benefits both within and outside of your business. This includes boosting employee morale, retaining top performers, increasing employee productivity, and gaining a good reputation.

Custom corporate awards will help your team members remember why they are working hard – most importantly, it will remind them of how much you value their contributions. At Crystal Sensations, we remain committed to delivering consistently amazing results for our client and  distributors.

With years of experience, let our expert staff assist you throughout the process and realize the impact of how employee awards can alter their behavior and boost company morale. We can accommodate any size, shape, or design, and we’re proud to have earned a five-star supplier rating from ASI distributors and an A+ supplier rating from our SAGE distributors.

Let’s discuss how we can help you better recognize the accomplishments of your employees with our wide range of custom corporate awards. Contact us for a Free Creative Consultation today.