Inspiring Corporate Awards and Trophy Design Ideas

Inspiring Corporate Awards and Trophy Design Ideas

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One of the best ways to boost morale across the corporate ranks is properly recognizing hard work and dedication through custom awards. Showing employees how valued their efforts are is essential to developing a corporate culture that’s positive, effective, and profitable. In fact, more than a decade of research from Harvard Business Review has found that employee happiness can have a tremendous impact in almost every workplace.

On average, sales increased by 37%, productivity by 31%, and task accuracy by 19%, along with a host of health and quality of life improvements. While recognition is a key part of this happiness, verbal accolades aren’t always as effective as something tangible.

Giving star employees something lasting and memorable can help reinforce their positive attitude every time they look at it, making trophies and awards ideal for this purpose. Custom corporate awards can even showcase your company logo and colors for a unique and beautiful recognition piece. Let’s dig deeper into the available options.

Custom Corporate Award Idea Inspiration

If you want to amaze the person you’re awarding a trophy, you need to find a piece that’s extraordinary, going beyond a mass produced appearance. What type of design is good for which type of corporate award? Below are some general examples and guidelines, to draw your inspiration from.

Formal Retirement

Employees that have loyally served the company for decades deserve a recognition piece that goes above and beyond the average plaque. And, in larger corporations, formal retirement is an achievement that’s celebrated in significant ways. Personalized trophies are one ideal way to commemorate the occasion and provide lasting memories of the long-anticipated day. Although the person receiving this award will be leaving, showing the younger staff that loyalty is recognized and rewarded helps retain your best contributors. 

Ideal Designs

Casual Retirement

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Some employees get to a point in their career where they feel accomplished and ready to venture out into retirement at an earlier age. Casual retirements are an exciting time for employees who’ve been loyal to the company for years. After helping drive the company to new heights, they’re finally taking time to see the world or work on passion projects. These moments are great for recognition pieces that serve a purpose beyond showing appreciation, and they make a great conversation piece for years to come.

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Promotions and New Roles

When employees are given new roles or promotions within a company, there is rarely much ceremony beyond a company-wide email announcement. Yet, most people getting a promotion feel that it is a very important event! Providing a symbol of recognition of the hard work required to win the new job title is always appreciated by employees moving ahead. These pieces can motivate the entire team to strive for even greater achievement and recognition within the organization.

Ideal Designs

Innovative Awards

Embracing the wins along the path to major accomplishments for the entire company is key to motivating the team. Regularly awarding outstanding team members with stunningly beautiful trophies is a perfect way to mark company milestones, and create an environment of celebration and recognition of those who strive for excellence.

Ideal Designs

Tips in Choosing Trophy Designs

Choosing the best trophy designs for custom corporate awards comes down to five key considerations. Keeping these in mind will help you create the most impact for both the recipient and the company as a whole. The power of recognizing effort is real, and following these tips will help ensure you convey the precise message you desire.

What Do Awards Mean in Your Business?

What is the purpose of giving awards in your business? You’ll want to ensure the awards you give actually mean something, so it’s wise to avoid handing out so many trophies that they lose their allure to prospective recipients.

Recognition makes a huge impact on employee retention and satisfaction. With that said, positively reinforcing employee achievements hinges upon specifying what your company considers an achievement. Be clear and intentional about when and why awards are given to ensure they maintain their value.

Awards Should Always Have a Specific Purpose

Recognition should always have a specific purpose, rather than just being generic hand-outs for merely participating. Retirements, hitting sales numbers that were previously unattainable or winning a major new client are all great examples of the right time to deliver an award. 

Match the Award with the Achievement

It’s important to consider the size of the achievement and match the award appropriately. Acknowledge more significant achievements with a trophy that is visually appealing on an equal level. 

Choose Between a Gift Award or a Display Award

After landing on the purpose and size of the award, it’s time to choose between a gift or display styles of awards. Gift awards are ideal for employees who would prefer to take their memento home or with them. Comparatively, display awards are usually kept in the office and visible to other team members, reminding them of their co-worker’s accomplishments.

Show Sincere Appreciation

It’s important that your award is seen as an act of sincerity, because acknowledging accomplishments is so vital to the success of any company. This can be accomplished by adding personal touches to the award to make it something unique to the individual you’re recognizing. Personal engraving, custom imagery, and messages of thanks all go a long way to show you sincerely appreciate your employee’s contributions to the company.

Visualize Success with Crystal Sensations

Presenting top-notch, well-designed trophies and awards to your outstanding employees is crucial for companies both large and small. Giving trophies that feature a luxurious appearance is ideal when you want to reward success and achievement. Employees can tell whether or not the gesture is genuine when you hand them an award or trophy based on its weight, appearance, and level of personalization. Crystal clear, captivating designs engraved into the finest optical crystal, jade crystal, and glass deliver a precise look and feel that’s unparalleled.

Keep in mind, however, that not all crystal awards and trophies are created equally. The type of laser engraving technology used can make a massive difference in the final product, which is critical when you want to express your deepest appreciation.

Crystal Sensations utilizes the latest innovations in laser engraving and image reproduction technology to create masterpieces of appreciation. Our designers and technicians work hard every day to deliver stunning trophies and awards for employees, team members, and volunteers in organizations of all types. Reach out to our design team today and find the ideal award for your best people.

Recruiting and retaining top talent is always a challenge for any business. Show your star players how much they are appreciated. Give your up-and-coming talent something to strive for. Let Crystal sensations provide that ZING factor at your next award opportunity!